Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Queen Victoria Agave

Queen Victoria Agave, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Last year I took this picture of a Queen Victoria Agave at The
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.

I saved this photograph so I could use it today, 17 June for Pat
( Past Imperfect ) who's Mothers Birthday is today.

I think it is a lovely plant and a perfect name. Happy Birthday !

cheers . . . parsnip
music . . . New Star In The Sky, Air


  1. Oh Parsnip you angel. Thank you. I've been thinking about her birthday all week and then with all the Mirren hoo ha I forgot today.
    What a sweet girl you are.

  2. what a thoughtful present, sugar! i'm going to look for the 2 books you recommended in the previous post today! xoxoxox

    (came via pat's today, i must add you to my blogroll!)

  3. Such perfect proportions for a desert plant. And round like a birthday cake. Wonderful.

  4. BTW I've just been over at Randall's
    and I think you would find his latest post interesting.

  5. What a plant!
    Loved your post on books about Japan
    somewhere I know little about
    and should investigate

  6. Pat ...
    I love having a reason to tie in photos I have taken to special days. I thought of you and your mum when I saw this plant.
    I miss my MUM too....
    I checked on Randall's blog before because of your blog, thanks for the heads up on his post. Boy do I have a Japanese Movie very similar that rips at your heart also.

    Savannah ...
    I hope the first book doesn't put you off... It is a hard read but interesting.
    The second one is an interesting story about why and how a bar has become a fixture in his life. With great recipes !
    If you read this comment... I am having the hardest time getting on to your blog. I have been to your blog before but now it says something about " Content Warning "

    Elisabeth ...
    I never thought about it being like a round Birthday Cake but you are so right.
    All I was thinking about was how close can I get so you start to see just a design and not a plant.

    Elizabeth ...
    I love this plant it is small like a softball and great to take pictures of.
    I really like Japan the people are lovely the vista beautiful, the trains are fabulous and am trying to figure out how I can live there several months a year, but not in Summer... awful !

  7. That is just the most astounding plant. I love the white lines on each spear. Just gorgeous. Don't you just love the Desert Museum.

  8. dearest parsnip! i saw your comment, so y'all know it's in solidarity with my pals! re the books, the bookstore is our destination of choice this weekend. i'll let y'all know! xoxoxo

  9. Joanna...
    I love this plant, the colors and white lines make it a great subject to shoot and play with the shape. It really is so green !
    I wish I could live at the Desert Museum. Love the purple wall at the main restaurant.

    Savannah ...
    I realize now that you did the content warning...
    Can't think of a nicer day than visiting a book store.

  10. This picture is really quite astounding, especially as you say the plant is small, I thought it must be huge! I don't think you need a new camera, you do just fine with the one you've got!

  11. Eryl...
    Thanks for the complement,,, That plant is a dream to shoot, I think I will post a photo of what it looks likes before I zoomed in. I really don't know how big it gets. I should look that up.

    Hope your having a lovely Birthday weekend !