Monday, June 28, 2010

Rain ?

Rain ?, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Storm clouds over the Catalina Mountains.

It is raining somewhere but not where I live... but it is hot so hot
feels really hot !
It feels so much hotter than the 103 my Doppler Radar says it is.
Did I say it was hot !

Goodness !

wilting . . . parsnip
music . . . Heavy Cloud No Rain, Sting


  1. we had a massive downpour last night, sugar! we've had heat index numbers in the low 100s all week. and it ain't dry heat! ;~) xoxoxoxo

  2. savannah ...

    so that's where the rain is !

    we are gearing up for the monsoons, all the "don't" on every local tv channel but I know several idiots will try and drive through one of our washes or underpass during or after a storm and have to be rescued ! if I hear " but I though I could make it" one more time, argh !

  3. So it's just kinda hot? or hot hot? ;) The citrus trees look happy!

  4. Well Savannah and me both. We had a gorgeous downpour which has just about saved the lawn.
    I love the lowering feel of the photo. Such beauty!

  5. It's bordering on hot here too, I'm having to water the garden every day, unheard of!

    The photograph is just gorgeous: broody as a poet.

  6. Molly ...
    It was a stinging hot... and after I posted it got even hotter.

    Pat ...
    I always think of you having so much more rain than maybe your do. The photos you take always look so lush.
    After the post that cloud mass grew and covered the valley, not as heavy and no rain.

    Eryl ...
    That sounds hot watering the garden everyday. I water everyday, well the drip sprinklers does on a timer.
    It felt broody, all day !

  7. You captured some gorgeous clouds. And I agree, it felt hotter than 103. :)

  8. Diane AZ ...
    It is so easy to take cloud photos in Arizona, just point and click.... everyday is fabulous especially in summer !