Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poetry Bus

Poetry Bus, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

"The Weaver Of Grass" has a poetry bus running on her blog.
I am not sure I know what a Poetry Bus is but I hope they will let
me on with my Haiku.

Many of the blogs I read are from writers.
I am not a writer, I am an artist who uses paper and paint and not
I have always been interested in Haiku

That said here is my Haiku...

Leaf Falls In Twilight
Evening Comes Embracing Stars
Whispered Memories

pensive . . . parsnip
music . . . Passing By, Ulrich Schnauss


  1. That is a great photo!

    Very cool that you're starting to write haiku. We'll have to have haiku writing time when you come out here.

  2. Both haiku and photo are beautiful and inspiring.

  3. Pat...
    This is one of my favorite pictures.
    The Tucson sky makes up for the super hot summer.

    WOW ! Thank You, I appreciate the comment coming from you, a writer I admire.
    I write for myself but I am getting braver about showing my Haiku.

  4. I really enjoy haiku and yours paints a lovely picture.


  5. Kat...
    Thank you, haiku is a form of poetry that I can understand or hope to understand.
    Putting words together to make a cohesive sentence is kind of beyond me but I am trying.

  6. I'm always very suspicious of haiku but this one has a nice resonance about it. I doubt very much that cohesive sentences are beyond you....

  7. Thanks for joining in the Poetry Bus - and yes I liked the haiku - nice imagery. If you wish to join every week you need to go to the site of Totalfeckin'eejit (see my blog list and click on him there) and he will tell you who is driving each week - you can even volunteer to drive one week if you wish. Nice to have you aboard.

  8. I love this the words complimet the picture - paint or words it matters not to me you have created poetry both visual and written. Well done! hope to see you on the bus again

  9. Welcome to the 'Bus! Love the drawing at the top.

  10. Peter...
    Thank You, for some reason I like the sparse imagery of the haiku invoking a feeling.
    Since I found you all I will be reading more of Poetry Bus writers !

    The Weaver Of Grass...
    Thank you for letting me on the bus. That is what happnes when you don't read the instructions.. .
    I will think about joining when I feel more secure about my writing but for now I will just keep reading the great blogs I have found through your blog.

    Gwei Mui
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    I will be researching and writing more and then I will sign up for the Poetry Bus.


    Thanks, enjoyed the ride...
    Those are "The Boys" and they find their way onto my blog more than they should ! Bad Bad Pups !