Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whisper of rain

Whisper of rain, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Tuesday evening in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson is getting some clouds from the storm in the Gulf.
We are getting a hint of rain but so far it dissipates before hitting
land because the lack of humidity.

That will all change in a few days or weeks ! Monsoon will be here.
Monsoons come when the perfect storm of climate so to speak, appears ...
In July the humidity increases,
The dew point needs to rise above 54 for three consecutive days
We have consistently high temperatures,

Officially the monsoon will then start with rain, high winds,
lighting, thunder and fabulous clouds but what I love is the smell.
The air is filled with moisture, dust, sage and ozone !
This is what I grew up with and is the fragrance of summer for me.

waiting . . . parsnip
music . . . Kaze No Toori-Michi, Joe Hisaishi


  1. Fantastic rainbow! Nothing compares to the smell of rain in the desert, it's wonderful.

  2. Oh wow, your comment just popped up.... my computer posted (I guess) my comment on your blog before I was done, it has been acting up lately.....
    There was a fragrance shop by Main Gate that came up with a fragrance called rain or summer storm ? ? ? and I wanted to try it out and send to family in Japan.
    It was written up in the Daily Star but by the time I got there the shop disappeared. Bummer !
    I think Westward Look Resort has one called Desert Rose. I might check it out.

  3. Every day an even more spectacular photo than the last – which looked like it couldn't possibly be topped!

    I love the smell of rain on a hot, dusty road. With the addition of sage and ozone (another two favourites), if you could bottle it I'd wear it.

  4. Your description of the rain and the scent of it sounds just lovely. Someday I'd like to experience that in the desert.

  5. It's a beautiful blue but it hasn't a hood.
    Mine has a hood and I lie in bed and I pull the hood right over my head.
    I lie in bed and I curl up small and nobody knows that I'm there at all.
    Don't mind me - just feeling a little Christopher Robin.

  6. David...
    Thank You ! Tucson makes it easy.

    In the summer no matter where you look there is a fabulous view.
    If I could figure out how to bottle the rain/summer scent I would make a fortune !

    The summers are hot but also the most exciting time, because something is always happening.

    I wish I could rhyme
    or write in verse
    but camera and pencil
    are my only recourse.

    see I can't write...
    and in my book you can write whatever you want
    and I will read it.

  7. Oh parsnip what an amazing capture, you got complete combo. Hope the weather will be treating you fairly. I get really scared with all these warnings lately in our area for tornadoes. Anna :)

  8. Anna...
    That is a lovely comment coming from someone who's photograph are fabulous.
    I wondered if you felt the earthquake in your area. Having lived in California for many years... earthquakes, fires, rains and flooding were the way we knew what season we were in.
    Glad to know you and your family are fine.

  9. Can this picture be real? There's so much brilliance and hope in it.

  10. Kass...

    There is a-lot of hope in that photo.

    The storm clouds were dark and the white "clouds" in front are really some light rain that zoomed in and swirled in the wind. What moisture that was in the cloud made a rainbow in the setting sun.
    I grew up in Tucson and we saw this kinda of beauty everyday.
    I played with the contrast button to pop the rainbow a bit so the blog picture would be a-bit clearer.
    In Tucson the light on the clouds is so much brighter that my little "point and click" has a hard time registering it.

  11. I love the photo. It is so great. And the smell of make me hungry for a good thunderstorm with bits of sun through-out.

  12. Carole
    It is trying very hard to rain in Tucson.... we will be in our monsoon season with lots of clouds, thunder, lighting and rain with the smell of sage and ozone !

  13. parsnip you don't have be great photographer to capture great photos, I think this is something anyone can do it, and you did it. Yes we are all fine, I got scared little, it was just strange feeling - Earth is powerful, and that's what scares me. Thanks again for your comment. Anna :)