Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Citrus Leaves

Citrus Leaves, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Citrus Leaves with Raindrops from my trees .

Day 9 in my month long quest .

drenched . . . parsnip
music . . . Sway, Vanessa Carlton


  1. Oh to have citrus leaves and the talent to be able to draw them! I really like the green here and the shapes of the leaves, it would make a lovely design for a chair cover or a rug.

  2. The citrus trees are great but tomorrow I am off to buy,,,Zinc Sulfate, Iron, El Toro citrus food, then I get to mix it all up in 2 gallon doses for each tree and then I have to deep water twice a week to flush out the salts... needless to say .. I am feeling very Macbeth.
    I agree with you about the chair or rug design...I am, besides clouds, a leaf person.

  3. I've been following this, but for some reason forgot or got distracted and didn't leave commments! Love the clouds, the leaves, the pear.

  4. Citrus leaves just sounds so refreshing and citrus leaves with rain drops is poetic.
    Drawing's good too:)

  5. Kanani ...
    Thank you and I know how busy you are right now...

    awww thanks, I love my trees but right now they are in a-bit of distress so I need to take better care of them.

  6. I love the citrus leaves! So pretty :)