Thursday, March 18, 2010

put that camera down !

put that camera down !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I have been taking lots of pictures lately. Several times I have set
my camera down while still on and have been very surprised with what
I have seen and clicked on.
A whole different world appears when you set your camera down at table
Not composed or designed I just clicked on what appears.
Now when I use my camera, the last shot is a table/ground shot and I
am so amazed at what I see.

This shot is from my computer towards my TV and workspace.
I have two work spaces the semi-clean computer/printer work area and
the big 58 inch square work table in the middle of my studio that is
always in a state of flux !
Let the crazy begin.

amazed ... parsnip
music ... Boxcar Racer, Blue Merle


  1. Great what a very slight change in perspective can show you. I find my camera very useful for this too, I didn't realise my kitchen needed fresh paint until I looked at a photograph of it. I wouldn't dare put my camera down on my desk and click at the moment, for fear of finding something dead in the undergrowth!

  2. Perspective is everything, no ?
    I love your statement of finding something dead ... choked on my drink when I read that !
    For me it is finding something alive. Every time you pick something up in your home you have to shake it or if outside kick it first. Scorpions ! and the Rattlesnakes are awake now so lots of hungry moms and crazy babies... who will strike at everything.
    Spring in Tucson is Beautiful but very Dangerous.

  3. That's a very smart mouse. I had Tim - the computer man and he had the tower out to reveal fluffy dust. As I dusted it he said he should have asked me to dust inside the tower when he opened it. Men!

  4. Pat ...
    I rather love my mouse, but my Tucson Son has the best one so smooth.
    Gosh, where was his canned air ?
    I use a laptop, love love love it, so I don't worry to much about dust even living in really dusty Tucson.