Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink !

Pink !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Day 15
Oh Wow ... this is so pink !
I am not use to drawing with this color but this was really fun and I
was in a wonderful mood all day.

elated ... parsnip
music ... 100 Flowers In Bloom, David Bridie


  1. It is definitely pink!

    My sister-in-law is an artist and she has come to the conclusion that she could sell as many pink paintings as she could churn out, no matter the subject, if she so chose.

  2. Eryl ...
    It was a very pale pink rose and I really never draw flowers. . . so this was a real stretch for me.
    It was quite fun.
    I like pink but really don't use it much...
    That is a funny comment about your sister-in-law. I guess Mattel knew what it was doing when it came up with Barbie pink.

  3. This is a beautiful drawing, it makes me so happy! I'm so proud to see all your gorgeous drawings up on the blog!

  4. ...and very nice pink. Thanks for sharing such a refreshing colors, something I need after gray white winter.

    Anna :)

  5. The faint yellow is what makes it so special IMO.
    Reminds me of my beloved New Dawn rose which I hope I can replace.

  6. Molly... is so pink ! I don't think I have ever used this much pink before.

    Anna ... I must admit after drawing this I did feel quite happy very Pink and happy.

    Pat ...
    The yellow was there and it really does help. It was a beautiful Rose.

    Elizabeth ...
    Thank You. I normally do not try to draw realistic but since I have been participating in art a day for a month, I have gotten out my pencils and sketch book. Quite interesting.