Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

I am such a Fan Girl. . . so excited this is coming out!
Hope it will be in theaters when I am in Japan, 3 million Fan Boys and me standing in line...

swoon. . . parsnip
music . . . OST, Spaceship Yamoto


  1. hahahahahahaha!
    Love the video, it looks exciting. too bad it won't be in theaters out here :(

  2. Molly...
    sqeeeeeeeeeeee ! me and 3 million Asian Fan boys will be standing in line to see this. Wonder if it will be in theaters when I/we are there ?
    Lots of American boys remember when the show was on tv here and want to see it.
    Our only hope is Disney doesn't get it and mess it up big time !

  3. It does look exciting, and I love the idea of you standing in line with all those Fan boys!

  4. Is this your guilty secret?

  5. Eryl....
    My daughter once wrote on a Movie postcard she sent me, that she loves the fact I watch more Asian Action movies than a teenage Korean fan boy...
    I would so stand in line !
    My Japanese family nickname is mumzilla, I made it up as I an a mum and I love old Godzilla movies...
    I have to tell you sometimes I feel like a albino Godzilla stomping around Japan... when we go out my son and I are the tallest people around.

    Everyone knows I am such a big nerd !
    When my children were small we would watch on TV some Japanese anime, Voltron, Robo-tech and Star Blazer in the afternoon with a snack after school... big fans.
    This is a live action of a anime and it really looks just like it and everyone wants the Jacket Takuya Kunura is wearing in the teaser.