Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pat

Happy Birthday Pat, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Happy Birthday Pat !

Does this picture look vaguely familiar ?
I drew it from one of your photos on your blog ...

Hope you had a wonderful day...

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music ... On A Day Like This, David Birdie


  1. What a lovely surprise Parsnip. Thank you so much and I do recognise it:)

  2. I've done a birthday Pat post too, how could one not?

    Lovely drawing.

  3. Happy Birthday Pat from me too. Parsnip nice work, and surprise to your friend. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  4. Pat...
    You are so welcome ! and if you would like the original, it is yours ... it is your photo after all, just e-mail me your address.
    Happy Birthday...

    Eryl ...
    I loved your post ! she is such a special person !

    Anna ...
    Thank You so much. I appreciate your kind comments coming from such a wonderful photographer.

  5. What a great drawing! I'm jealous of where Pat lives is that's a picture from her neck of the woods! Happy Birthday to her! :)

  6. Molly...
    You should see the wonderful pictures she puts on her blog from around where she lives and her home...
    She is writing a book !

  7. Seth ...
    Thank You,
    I have been participating in a piece of art a-day for a month... and it has been really interesting, hard, fun and crazy...
    I drew this for Pat's Birthday but I think since she can see the real countryside I should have drawn her a western view,