Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peter Rabbit does not live in Tucson ! #2

One of the Peters had come out for early dinner. He ran along the
fence between "The Boys" yard and the citrus grove. . . Unlike the
real Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor's garden this Peter could only look
forlornly at the lush grass.

When I first moved into this home early morning would find the bunnies
nibbling the grass with the easy in and out through the fence.
Unfortunately many unwanted critters, Rattlesnakes yikes ! Gila
Monsters oh no ! would mosey in also. So the "Rattlesnake fencing"
was installed and now the bunnies can't get in. They can only look.
The fence does not keep out Mr. Wildcat or Mr. Mountain Lion but they
get to go where ever they want and no silly little bitty fence will
stop them. So far they like the trees... thank goodness !

I try not to upset the natural feeding patterns too much, that is what
Mother Natures for but I think I will have the gardner toss some of
the grass cutting out past the citrus trees so the little ones can
have a treat every two weeks. The amount will not be much as "The
Boy's" yard is quite small.

It is Spring in Tucson ... Fabulous !

nibbling ... parsnip
music ... Made To Run, Blue Merle
my favorite band now ... : )


  1. Well, I guess you could toss some of the produce cutting over the fence as well. I kind of like the idea of living in a nice place and throwing trash over the fence! Ha ha!

  2. gosh, I would love too but too many critters (packrats) come and then they try to get in the house... plus I don't want to be a food source they depend on.
    Every once in awhile I do put out some vegies cuttings.

  3. Are you sure Peter Rabbit wasn't the Easter Bunny? They've been having a grand old time in my garden so far this year. I've heard from a few neighbors that I should try DeFence. They say it’s the best stuff they ever tried. Plus, it’s organic. I would love to not have to put up a fence. Fences take away from a garden’s aesthetic.
    Here’s what I’m going to give a try this season:

  4. lease help me. Need practical advice. Rabbits have eaten most of a red chokeberry, and nibbled liberally on several viburnumgalvanized chain link fence