Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning in Tucson

Sunday Morning in Tucson, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

All week it has been 65/70 with sunny skies
Then this storm blew in last night with 20 lighting strikes at Gila
Bend ( west of Tucson ) and lots of rain and snow in Tucson.
This morning when the clouds lifted over the Catalina Mountains this
is what I saw. I can never get a good photo just how white and full of
snow the mountains are but it is quite Beautiful !
This view is from my living room door looking north towards the
Catalina Mountains.

snowy. . . parsnip
music . . . The Hounds Of Winter, Sting


  1. Even on a rainy morning it looks wonderfully exotic in Tucson.

  2. Eryl...
    I really miss living by the ocean and my lush green gardens but living here in the Sonoran Desert you kinda' get back to basics and the big open sky is so inviting.
    Hope all is well with you ! :)

  3. Great place for breakfast - perhaps not today:)

  4. All is well with me, thank you. Bit stressed due to huge impending deadline, but I keep telling myself to just keep at it and it will be over this time next month. What's a month, nothing?

    I got your card, it made me laugh, always a good thing!

  5. Pat...
    Not today but I sit outside often with "The Boys" In summer a big umbrella and huge iced drink is needed.

    Saw/read your poetry project. Wow! I envy you, Pat and Kanani's writing ability till I hear about these huge deadlines. That is something I am very happy to do without now.