Monday, October 23, 2017

Everyday things.

iwinston mandible churchill 
has been told by my lawyer
osker of osker and oscar
to disavow any knowlage of this

disavow is funny word not knowin' that word but oskar said it is gud word

 but i am thinkin' this is a gud hole
thait iwinston if iwinston had been diggin'
would be happy with that if iwinston was diggin'

 iwinston have no understandin' of dirt
dirt is gud dirt is likin' iwinston


I signed up for Bark Box for thehamish and we had fun opening the box together.
Such gud sniffs !
Because of all his health problem he could not eat all the treats.
I only let him have the chicken ones with no grains.
They are great treats, made in the USA. No chicken from China.
Tested by other gud dug.
  The toys are the best and he had fun for a short time.  
Then he became too ill to play with them but we saved them for iwinston.
Now iwinston is enjoying the boxes but I only let him have some of the treats.
The box is still addressed to thehamish.
Bark Box wrote his name just the way like he liked.
Just a great company.

Here is the Halloween Bark Box.

 They are so very clever and everything is done fabulous.

 Doorbell of DOOM !

 Count Vacuula !

Very late photos of when iwinston was at the Puppy Bootcamp.

 He kinda took over. The drill instuctor's two dogs liked him.
They thought him crazy.
Can you see who is sitting on the Dobermans pillow
and eating her chew toy ?

 Love the expression on the Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Such boo boo face I love him !

Awwwwww terriers and Scotties in particular. Little gud dug with a
big dog mentality and a cat vibe.
Just great dogs who are very zen with a smile.


Here is your pretty for the begining of the week.

 Sunrise, it was 57 when I got up at 6:30.  A cool wonderful 57, after the heat of summer.
I just sat outside while iwinston sniffed and ran like the wind.
I always tell the gud dugs to run, run like the wind and enjoy the morning sniffs !

But ... there is a HIGH pushing the cool weather north so this afternoon will be 97.
Enough with the summer !


 Eating breakfast.

Japan had a huge Typhoon hit yesterday.
Son said it was the worst winds he could remember.

A  friend sent this photo of the aftermath. David loved this tree. He had to duck under it when walking with Mia in the backpack.  He has so many lovely memories here.
I hope they can save many of the trees.
This is a wonderful place to walk and the little ones to play.
Everyone have a good start to the week !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. He's become an expert at holes. And avoiding litigation 😆 Keep cool this afternoon. It's dull and damp here. I am ironing ☹️

  2. Hi, Gayle!

    On behalf of my (innocent) client, Mr. Winston Mandible Churchill, I, Shyster Shady, hereby introduce reasonable doubt. We assert that the hole in your yard might have been made, indeed, was VERY LIKELY made, by the javelina. Yeah, that's the ticket. The javelina made the hole.

    I'm happy to know that Winston is getting some use out of the Bark Box sent to your dearly departed square dog thehamish. Those toys and treats look top notch.

    I'm sorry to learn about the ferocious storm your son endured in Japan.

    Have a nice week, dear friend Gayle!

  3. Wait a minute. It's a frame up! The edges of that hole are too straight to have been dug by a Scotty. An investigation is in order. First, pass out the Spooky treats...

  4. That gud dug, iwinston has a beautiful coat of furs. Such curls, such thickness, such luster!

    Such a shame about Japan...the storms just keep coming it seems. We are enjoying a wonderful fall this year. About to head out to go wander into the lovely woods with thePip and sniff the leaves and breezes. X

  5. I love those boxes - we don't have anything like that over here - I suspect folk are too mean to buy them

  6. Good to hear your family in Japan is safe.

    Winston must love his Bark Box!

  7. Glad your family is ok. Our daughter said it was bad too. Her electricity went out briefly while we were Skyping yesterday. Love me some Winston, but Miss Kitty says no dogs.

  8. Well, those damn peccaries - hog things. I heard about the typhoon. It sounded bad. Glad it's gone.

  9. Toys for a gud Winston to attack! Oh boy!

  10. It's very hot here today. Heard about the Typhoon in Japan. Wild. Winston cutest in class!

  11. That’s a big hole you dug up, Winston! You are so full of energy! How great you are enjoying thehamish’s Bark Box. Love the photo of you on the big pillow...with other big dugs on the floor :-)

    I heard it was a very big typhoon. Sad it destroyed some trees but I’m glad it has passed the area your family lives.

  12. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.