Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Japan.

Happy Halloween.
Where I live no Trick or Treaters.
The hill I live on would not be worth the long walk up.
Even with a full sized candybar as a treat.

Mia goes to her School 5 days and The International School
that was her pre-school 3 days a week.
The neighbhood shops lets the class 
Trick or Treat.
I could only show one blurry photo of them, in Japan they are 
very carefull of showing faces.

Mia was Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

 I want that broom !

 Not sure why they are taking the subway.  Kiki can fly with her broom.
Maybe not enough room for taking Dad and Mum ?

 This photo is blurry but I can show part of the group.
Two of her friends dressed up as Harry Potter. The outfits were fabulous.

 Mum and Dad and Kiki went to the Mall  and had more fun.

Mia is at my favorite Studio Ghibli Shop. 
Standing right in front of the Kiki section showing Jiji her talking cat.


Here is your start of the week pretty.
This is her drawing book. I love the way her drawings are always so happy.
The wink is just a hoot !

Have a great Halloween !
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Mia sure had a great time. I love the wink too! What a great kid. I too never had a trick or treater until I moved to the city. Gave out full sized bars and had mob of little monsters. This year they are getting regular size. I was going to get pictures last year and didn't get one. Pucshene - I don't know how to spell it - is big here. Think it is a Japanese brand, but I can't read what is on the boxes.

    1. I love the wink.
      Is the candy the one with all the funny characters in bright colors ?

  2. Replies
    1. What is really great is she is super smart and very nice and helpfull

  3. Mia is adorable and already an artist. That wink that she drew made me smile. I'm glad she was having such a good time celebrating Halloween. Happy Halloween to you and Winston.

    Susie D.

    1. Is your blog up and running I keep getting the one that seems old ?

  4. She is such a cutie pie. Happy Halloween and boogie boogie. 🎃

  5. Too sweet. I love the broom too. Last time we were there our daughter kept taking photos of brooms, she would love that one.

  6. She's a cutie. A great outfit as well :)


  7. She is an adorable little girl! Only one trick or treater here...I gave her lots of candy!

  8. Her drawing is lovely! I love that wink.


  9. Mia-chan is soooo cute in her Kiki outfit! Looks like she had lots of fun :-) And her drawings are very colorful and pretty. That wink made me smile :-)

  10. She is just so very cute, what a pretty little girl, and how lucky to have a nice witch movie to see. I get tired of the corny old Halloween stuff here. Next year I'll show the twins Kiki. !