Friday, October 13, 2017

mandibles and pomegranates. . . oh my

Best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday !
woof !

With a new Square Gud Dug.

i'm back yesh i am here now
run before me i winston the mandibles' of doom

yesh its' me i winston

destroyer of toys chompper of leaves dirt an' salad'

gardin' nice tall person who feeds me workin' table
not understandin' what mum is doin' when mum is workin'
she is sittin' and not playin' with me i manidibles'


this gardin' is hard workin'

sitting with nice tall person who feeds me with the wind in my face

lots of wind  ears are movin' 

Please tell me how this is comfortable ?
He has his face on the floor and his bum on the pillow.

Evening clouds.

Rosey fluff.

Here is the sunset that came with the clouds.

 Another day.

 Clouds are dancing across the sky,

just before sunset.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

I have a very large vase on my kitchen counter. Whatever is
growing in the garden I just put in the jar.
This week it was my pomegranate tree.



 The pom on the left I bought the one on the right I grew.
So pretty and happy so red.

Have a lovely weekend.
cheers,  parsnip


  1. It's all looking good there, Gayle. It's not been so happy around here. Glad to see some normalcy.

    1. Donna I just mailed you a letter yesterday because I haven't seen you around blog world.
      I hope it is not your daughter.
      Big hugs from Tucson

  2. Yeah Winston, looking forward to getting to know you better.

    1. We can only hope. He is a true Scotty and a handful.

  3. You are so gud and hard workin, Mandibles. Nice tall person needs you.


  4. Glad the Mandibles is home for good - he will soon settle down now with all the love you have to give him.

  5. He's so cute...but why is he in puppy jail?

  6. Replies
    1. If they were trimmed it would be better but for now I am keeping him a puppy.
      No big gud dug cuts yet.

    2. Plus it seems their heads are so big and they grow into them.

  7. Winston is the cutest, guddest doggie! I love his pretty eyes, and the ears -the furry ears! I imagine it's rather difficult to communicate with the spaceship when the wind is blowing :-) That photo is beautiful, though!
    Love the gorgeous sky photos and your pomegranate. Shape of your pomegranate looks better than the one bought :-) Happy Friday! xo

  8. Hi, Gayle!

    Just think. You won't ever need a wood chipper with the Mandibles Of Doom around! When he's not guardin' he's sleepin' and when he's not sleepin' he's eatin'. He's a gud dog and a handsome square dog.

    Those puffy clouds were pretty as was the sunset that evening. The pomegranate looks great in that large glass jar. It is a lovely accent for your kitchen counter.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  9. That Winston is the cutest and fluffy eared gud dug! You know, I was wondering if he was going to grow into his head and those jaws! Love your wee little pom tree...adorable. Will you plant it outside to let it grow BIG?

    1. The tree is very big that is just a cutting from it. I have to decide to trim it now or wait till spring.

  10. Those pomegranates are soooo pretty. (Tasty, too!)

    I love how Winston's ears stand up so tall and perky. Is that typical for a Scotty? Our son and his family had a Scotty whose ears were huge and bent over like the Flying Nun. He also had a huge overbite. He was kinda funny-looking, but I loved him to pieces. He was reeeeally smart, too. The only dog I ever knew who actually watched TV and reacted to what he was watching.

    Have a super weekend.

  11. The ears are suppose to stand up. Better for UFO soundwaves.
    He could have been a mix or a "runt" like thehamish. They are the best ones.
    Scotties are super smart but do not care.

    1. HA! I can believe that. Hamish's ears look capable of picking up radio waves. :)

      Our son's dog Bennie cared... if anyone dared turn off the TV or change the channel when he was watching something, he had a hissy fit!

    2. gosh I want to know that dog !

  12. Winston is back to train the nice tall person?!

  13. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank You, I like to take photos, writing not so much.

  14. Mandibles of Doom - you are the cutest puppy. I love your ears !

    Inca xx

  15. Alice: Woooof? Woof woof row rowf barroooo? sniff sniff.
    Louie: Wuf. Wuf wuff.
    Panda: I have nothing to add.

  16. Gayle, I love your Winston posts. That made my day, ha ha, "destroyer of toys chompper of leaves dirt an' salad." And your pomgranates look amazing!

  17. I'm having difficulty and can only see some of the photos. Longing to see Winston.

  18. Ah now I see him. He's lovely and such a lustrous coat. Maybe he likes the coolness of the tile on his face. I can see the sun sets but the posts above are blank - something is blocking them.

  19. There is a message:- SOPHOS HOME WEB CONTENT BLOCKED. I don't understand it. I hope it fixes itself. Sorry Gayle.

  20. Pat, I was going to write you that I can not comment on your blog or if it does get through it takes days. I think it might be on your side but I have com-cast which is the worst internet ever.
    I will just email you from not on.

  21. Th Pomegranate tree is crazy fun. Wow, wow. Never saw that before.

  22. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.