Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... by way of Tucson

This little Koguma-Chan is on a plane heading to Tucson to see her grandmumzilla.
Oh and she is bring with her the other two people in her life with her.
Saturday it was 80+ in Tucson, the temperature should be a nice 72/40.

Early Monday morning it was 50 but the temperature just kept dropping all day.
It was 32 that night.
This was 9:20 am, my side yard is covered in hail.

front yard, hail and rain

more hail

it was gone by 9:40
but too cold for March in Tucson let alone hail !
curse you jet stream.

i up onthe chair lookin down and your not sillyplanter that looks like me

you in wet coldice stuff
i go inside where it warm.
chkikin strip waiting for me.
yert !

cold. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World, Tears For Fears
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    What an extraordinary sight to see your entire garden covered in hail stones. It could, from the photographs, be the very depths of winter. And what a change in temperature.

  2. We had a programme on our television for a few weeks and it often mentioned Tucson as being an
    area where you often got extremes of weather. We were in Phoenix once when it was extremely hot in May and I decided I could not cope with a climate that hot. Enjoy your grand-daughter's visit.

  3. What larks you'll have:) I hope the boys don't get jealous and I hope the weather behaves for you.

  4. I might be the only person hanging on to the cooler weather. It makes me so happy. Though if I had guests coming, I would feel bad for them. Whenever it rains on the weekends in spring, I always hope it isn't ruining someone's outdoor wedding :)

  5. oh hail? buggers! hamish will be warm and toasty with a chicken strip whilst that silly planter that looks like him freezes it's little square butt off! yertyertyertyertyert! your card came, i am still laughing at it. i will keep it always!

    hugs, bee

  6. Incredible to see all that white stuff covering the ground! Hopefully the weather will be nice for your visitors. Enjoy your little Koguma-Chan!

  7. We have hail here too. It's probably more to be expected in Victoria than in Tucson though. We've had snow and hail and sleet and sun and the temperature never rises above 45! I was kind of thinking longingly of our time in southern Arizona but it seems the jet stream has it in for all of us in the west. I hope it turns around so you can enjoy your visit from the Japanese family.

  8. Hail in Tuscon? I didn't think Arizona ever got winter weather. Shows you how much I know!

  9. Love the purple flowers in the hated little planter. Sounds like fun times ahead!

  10. Hmm...It's summer here in Ohio. It's been hovering around 80 for the past week. Unusual weather all around.

  11. We'll take back your cold weather! Have fun with the little one!

  12. So, are you telling us that all hail broke loose?

    «Louis» hopes Koguma-Chan arrives to better weather!

  13. It looks like icing sugar from here!

    And what a sweet time you have coming.