Saturday, March 10, 2012

11 March 2011

Tsunami aftermath
photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan.

I have family and extended family that lives from Tokyo down to Osaka where my son and his family lives.
They were very lucky that day and except for the earthquakes, they were all safe.

Here is an article from the National Post that can explain the numbers and costs with before and after photos.

I will be donating again to Animal Refuge Kansai who are still taking care of animals made homeless from this disaster.
Although I donated to many worthwhile groups, if you read my post from last year this is one of my main charities.

I hold all of Japan in my heart today more than usual.

Be sure to click on my sons blog "sleepytako" on my side bar.
He has said in very few words what I wish I could have.

To end on a happier note here is a picture of my granddaughter enjoying a snack and looking at the neighborhood lights of her Japan.


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  1. We all need to be reminded of that terrible day Parsnip. One can only imagine the blind terror that they faced and then the hardship of seeing their homes destroyed and their loved ones missing.

  2. Hello Gayle:
    It does seem incredible that an entire year has passed since that terrible disaster. It is so good to reminded since for so many the horrors of that day continue to the present with their many after effects and consequences.

    What a mercy that all your family were safe on that day. Your granddaughter looks delightful.

  3. What devastation for those poor souls. It must have been a long,hard year for those who survived. Carrying on with normal life must have been stressful in itself with the threat of radiation.

  4. oh my gosh, how awful. just awful. i just have no other words honey.

    hugs, bee

  5. Hello angry, thanks for the thoughtful, albeit painful post.
    I'm so glad your relatives were not harmed.
    Your granddaughter looks like a little angel.

  6. I just read an article about that nuclear plant. Apparantly, officials, as official are wont to do know matter what the country or political system, hid the real dangers from the public for days, hoping to avoid panic, or maybe just accountability.

    Glad your family came through all that all right

  7. It's still astonishing watching footage and seeing photographs and articles on the quake... just how powerful it was. I'm glad your family was okay throughout.

  8. We marked it with a silence, parsnip. As you know, we also have family in Japan, who thankfully made it safe through that terrible day.

  9. Thank You all for your comments.
    I can't believe that it has been one year it seems like it just happened.


  10. I was glad to see that we have been remembering that awful time over here also.