Thursday, March 15, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

Yeee Haw !
Big bright red Mustang, muscle car !
Nice tall person had to have her car fixed, so I told her go big, go bold, go fast and don't look back !
Remember you use to date that race car driver and had a hot Mustang in your 20's ?
Go for it and she did.
A super fast red rental car. So much fun for me to drive.

Personally I think I look quite Fabulous ! Woof !

ummmmmmmmm, waitwaitwaitwait wait wait wait !
i get small headed stout shortleg kinkedtail planter that looks like me?
but watson gets the gogogofast redcar and i getthis planter ????????
miffed miffed i saymiffed miffed miffed !
need chkikin strip now!
yert !

Mustang Sally
Guess you better slow your Mustang down
You been running all over town now
Oh I guess I have to put your flat feet on the ground
Listen !
All you wanna do is ride around Sally ( Ride Sally Ride)

Thank You Wilson Pickett
We lurve you.

phiff !
I win !

mustang. . . parsnip
music. . . Mustang Sally, Wilson Pickett
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  1. Oh I remember renting a mustang in LA. I felt like some movie character driving along (sad, I know)

    1. Mine was dark blue with gold flecks in the paint. I loved that car.

  2. this would be the very best square dog friday EVER if only...... you got them EACH a red mustang! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    smile, bee


    1. Bee please do not put and more ideas in thehamish's little brain... at the first sight of all the quail and bunnies he would just zoom after them car and all.

  3. "What do you mean, we're not allowed to drive?"

    Very cute!

  4. Does your dog have his license--both kinds of license?

  5. I always look forward to Square Dog Fridays!

    1. and so do they, they are trying to get more blog time.

  6. haha! that looks fun. New Mustang looks pretty good too. Haven't seen a Mustang in Japan for a year or two.

    1. It was fun to drive but I must say the visibility was not really great. The windows are small.

  7. Fancy red car! It looks fast, but I'm not sure I'd be able to squeeze all of my camping gear in the boot. Might be fun to try though :)

  8. Super car. Do they take turns to ride in it?

  9. I kind of like your blue car better, Parsnip. It's maybe a bit more YOU! We have out little copper bird hanging in the plum tree now and every time I look at it I remember our fun lunch at El Charro.

  10. «Louis» admires the discipline in your sketchbooks of not putting in too much detail. You provide the broad strokes and let the mind's eye fill in the blanks. «Louis» always wants to put in every last detail...

    hee hee... re the small windows: just Watson's size....