Friday, March 2, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

It is Friday
so in the immortal words of the Blues Brothers,
The Square Ones favorite movie.
It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses...
Hit it !
When thehamish was recurperting from eye surgery,
I placed a blanket down next to my computer desk. That way I could watch him and give him the mass quantities of meds he had to have every four hours.
Well... as their right
The Boys claimed this spot and decided that this was a great place to nap.

Never mind that it is right in front of printer/supply cabinet
and they are always in my way (?) like what ? yert ?

It's not like they don't find other places to curl up in my studio.
Even when I am moving tables around for projects....

they always find lots of places to nap.

I have been cleaning the garage with the helpful daughter mollybot and unpacked a Square Dog basket that belonged to my first little black Scottie Kirby.
Watson came to live with us as her friend.
Note the chew marks on her basket, thank you puppy Watson.
So the new blanket went in and now only one Square One can nap
but it works better for me.
I wonder if Watson dreams of Kirbey when he naps here now ?
She was a good Mum to him.

After much deliberation I bought this Scottie planter.
In the photo it was already planted and looked cute.
As I am fast on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady who lived down the street...
I ordered it.
Cute right ? from the side view....

well... the hamish is miffed....
because from the top it is him... extremely small head, round, stout, chubby body, super short legs and a tail that has a kink in it.

thehamish is not happy
mememememeem...royalities ! looks just like me ! i get money for this right ?
gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmemememememememe need chicken strips now !


hurrmphhhh need nap mymymyymymymyymy basket !

servant. . . parsnip
music. . . Daydream Believer, The Monkeys

awwwwww Davey Jones, I will miss you.

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  1. Tell Hamish I know a good lawyer.

    1. oh please, don't get him started. I have appeased him with a chicken strip for now. He is easily distracted.

  2. I might have to put a bed in every room for Tinley. Right now I'm dragging the one from room to room. The planter is cute!

    1. Yes please do, Lugging a bed back and forth is not good for the back.
      In my studio alone (I spend most of my day here) they have a crate, and a pillow next to it under the work desk. One pillow under my work table and the "new" Kirby basket next to the computer desk.
      This doesn't even count the rest of the house.

  3. square dog friday is totally tits! love it!


    smiles, bee

  4. I don't like the idea of Hamish with pocket money. I can see your house filled with AS SEEN ON TV gadgets bought with his royalties. Magic Bullets for all!
    Love all the photos, especially sneaky, pushy Hamish stealing the basket.

    1. hahahahaha... thehamish with pocket money is a very scary thought and where would he put it ? but yes I could see my home filled with "as seen on TV" but that Magic Bullet looks really good. Maybe he could buy me one before I take the money away.

  5. sleepy looking little fellows there. The planter is cute but they're cuter!

    1. After I plant it I'll see if thehamish likes t better.

  6. What a lot of landing spots those two square ones have. I love the cushion in the basket. It looks so cozy. I wonder if they would argue over it?

    1. Well, not sure if it is because it is new but one of the boys is always napping in it.
      Last night as Watson was sleeping in it, thehamish was trying to see how he could crawl in but couldn't figure how to.

  7. Cool places to nap.
    Your guys look very comfortable.

    Hard to tell which is Hamish and which is the planter.....!

    When you do come to New York in the end, I'll show you my favorite spots!

    1. Oh yes please... would love a tour. I want to come and I have a wonderful friend in Connecticut but I have to work on my mobility. Walking is not something I can really do right now.

  8. Chicken strips? Man are we spoiled or what? LOL

    1. Yes they are,
      they both are on special food for health and it seem Watson likes thehamish food better. But they only get two types of treats, chicken strips being the main one.
      After I give thehamish his Insulin shot, morning and evening, plus two types of eye drop and then ear drops... plus allergy pills... I think he deserves a chicken strip.

  9. I love Square Dog Fridays!

    These are wonderful photos!

    1. They love Square Dog Friday and want more days
      So I am going to give them this blog and start a new one for me that no one will read because they only want to read about The Square Ones !

      Bummer !

  10. parsnip, love your narration!
    Anna :)

    1. Oh Thank You. It s so easy with just look at him and you know what he is thinking ! It is way too easy !

  11. Awww, poor Hamish. By the time the plant has grown, the shape of the planter will be much less obvious and no one will ever mistake it for you :)

  12. Actually what those boys are doing is keeping an eye on their missus and making sure she doesn't get into any mischief. You can't blame then for trying to get comfy.