Sunday, March 25, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

Little koguma-chan has landed and taken over the Tucson home.
Oh she brought those other two people with her.
She will be two at the end of May.

waiting for breakfast !

finding the meaning of life... in a front loading washing machine
we sit together and watch it go around.
laundry is now fun !

Mia and her posse
WatSon and HamIsh like blocks

So Kawaii !
She has been practicing their names.

ummmmmmm i think i see fud if i lok this way no one will seeme.

maybe me can getsome fud so near so gud so far

ummmmmmmmmfruit ? not chkikin strip ?
yert !

life. . . parsnip
music. . . Gimme Some Lovin', Spencer Davis Group
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  1. Two square dogs and one round face, what a darling household!
    I'm sure she's quite a joy!
    xoxo KIm

  2. Hello Gayle:
    We rather imagine that life for you has taken a somewhat different turn at the moment. But what fun it must be to enjoy the company of your young visitor.

  3. Hi Mia! I hope the boys are being very good for you and that Grandma is not spoiling them too much. Have a happy holiday.

  4. Mia is sooo adorable, and how cute she is sharing her blocks with the square ones! :D

  5. She's adorable, of course!

    The dogs are wondering who this strange little person is....

  6. It looks like the Square Ones enjoy having her there!

    What a cutie she is!

  7. I've got a big smile on my face because I know your house is full of love and laughter right now - :)

  8. well i don't know who is the luckiest, you for having that doll there, the square boys for being the square boys or the little doll for being the little doll! ha


    smiles, bee

  9. Kids and dogs...each so innocent.

  10. hee hee...
    «Louis» can understand why Koguma-chan would have taken over the house in Phoenix!
    What a cutie!