Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Pat...

Let there be Cake !

Happy Birthday to a wonderful blog friend who I have been following since I first started to read blogs.

I found Kanani's blog and somehow that lead me to Pats blog (wonderful day) and her blog lead me to Eryl's. Isn't that exciting how that works !
I used their friendly, easy and interesting way they posted as base for my blog.
Too bad I can't write as fabulous as they do.

A very Happy Birthday to you Pat !
The Square Ones say woof !

cheers, parsnip

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  1. Did you post links to these blogs? I'd like to take a look

  2. Yes blogland is indeed wonderful Parsnip - there is no limit to where we can go.

  3. Hey, isn't it wonderful how blog hopping can bring meaningful connections all over the world! It was great to meet you in person when we were in Tucson.

  4. well you know how i feel about cake! happy birthday pat!

    smiles, bee


  5. Oh Parsnip how sweet! I love that yellow flower - so glad I didn't miss it. The birthday was really hectic and I'm now taking it easy to get my breath back.
    Hugs to the three of you.xoxox