Friday, December 2, 2011

Random Friday

The Square Ones have been asking (plotting overthrow) for the Friday post just for them.
Thank goodness their short attention span plus a love of chicken strips has served me well so far.
Watson is good either way but Hamish likes the star billing he has been getting lately because of his lens replacement surgery.
He just had his 4 week check-up ( it feels like 4 years) and passed with flying colors. The only bad part is because of some of the meds his diabetes is all over the chart and we have to be constantly adjusting the insulin and we have added two new drops !
To show how very important he is to this home, he put on an exhibition of his stalking techniques.


whoa..... bunny ?

see mummy
i got intruder !
yert !

erfungefefefurgh erf ! destroy ernfteatglowingintruder !
yert !

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
Wednesday evening sunset it was a lovely 80 degrees that day.

looking west.


7:30 Friday morning.
Another cold front is dropping way down from Canada, hey thanks a lot guys !
This is our January/February weather, not December !

Clouds lifting from the foothills.

Mt. Lemmon
way in the back of Thimble Hill, is completely covered in clouds and it is indeed snowing as I am typing.
Only in the high 50's today !
yert !

cold. . . parsnip
music. . . Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles
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  1. I actually like this weather :)
    Just finished a week of dog sitting, so much fun. Lots of throwing the tennis ball and walks.

  2. I am soo sorry for bringing the arctic with me! Many apologies!
    I'm pretty sure you've got the munching sound effects spot on here.
    I heard about the Lemmon snow in the forecast. We've just got normal wicked Bisbee wind here.
    The square and the round together, perfect composition.
    xoxo Kim

  3. That fluorescent ball reminds me of the bouncing ball you had to follow to a song in some old cartoons I've seen. Maybe Hamish is musical.

  4. Gorgeous sunsets! And Hamish seems entirely pleased with himself.

    And we Canadians have indeed sent down the weather, with our compliments.

  5. Hamish is so cute. Watson is wonderful. But the photographer, and journaler of this post is the heart and soul of the Two Square Dogs. Keep the chicken strips handy.

  6. jeanette...
    I really like this weather too. Winter in Arizona is usually pretty nice. A few days of cold and a few day of sunshine.... but this cold front is way too early.
    Dog sitting can be so much fun. hope you got to have some cuddle time, petting a dog is one of life's best moments.

    Yes ! between you and William this weather is way too early !
    But it is OK, rain and snow is always welcome.

    Not so sure about the musical part, but I remember the bouncing ball part.
    When you know your cute you can get away with lots of stuff. Or think you can.

    Empress Bee...
    He is !
    The thing is he is really so much fun and is always into something.

    Hamish is usually very pleased with himself. He love his life ! and is always in a great mood even when everyone is poking him. They loved him at the surgery because he was so sweet even through the pain. He truly loves people.
    He has the "oh yeah" personally that make him fun to be around but can get him into trouble. With him you are signed on for the good and the bad.
    And just what I wrote is what is going on in his "little head" !
    I lurve him and The Watson.

    William, William, William, please close the door or window your letting all the cold air out !

    Your comments always make my day better.
    And yes, I always have a supply of chicken strips !
    They have to eat a special diet and I only allow them two kinds of treats because of the health problems. No additives and extra weird stuff.

  7. Love the glow-in-the-dark ball! Love the sunsets too. Are those bunnies in the last photo? Sorry about the weather from Canada! It's actually very sunny and pretty here in Victoria today--but a far cry from 80 degrees. There was frost on everything this morning. Glad Hamish is recovering well. Kisses to both the square ones.

  8. I am cold! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Snow????

  9. Keep that Hamish warm - or even use the pair of them to keep yourself warm!

  10. Great scenery, but my heart belongs to Watson! Yert indeed.

    I do not believe he is a ponce for one minute.

  11. Joanna
    This is more like our January/February weather... It will be cold (for us) then 3 days of sunshine. It can have snow in the mountains where it is snowing right now but the days in the valley the temperatures will be 52/68 with evening 45/34 we usually get a few freezing nights but it never this cold this early.
    burrrr but still way nicer than lots of my friends.

    The Square Ones live a life of luxury....
    For us it is cold... I remember when I was a little girls running around outside on Christmas Day with out a jacket or even a sweater. I always wondered why Christmas was always shown with snow ?

    You know I check my post but that crazy spell check was going berserk... it erased whole lines and kept changing word on me. Plus I have a hard time with seeing my computer screen sometimes...
    POUNCE !

  12. mrsnesbitt....
    ack I erased you ? ? ?
    Yes it is cold here but this "front" is dipping way down from Canada and a "high" off of northern California is holding it here ....
    It snows in the mountains that ring Tucson but the valley is much warmer. Of course being up in the foothill I get colder at night than the valley does.

  13. That looks like a pretty dangerous intruder, thank goodness you have Hamish (or is it Watson?) to deal such things.

    And thank you for the pretty, just what I need with they sky to unyieldingly granite here.

  14. I love the bird house. At least I think it is a bird house.
    You should be proud of your excellent nursing. He does you credit.

  15. Laughing at Hamish :)

    Your Wednesday sunset is stunning!

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