Friday, December 30, 2011

Square Dog Friday....

Since it is almost the New Year The Square Ones have graciously allowed me to post today.
Negotiations ensued and extra chicken strips will be given out today.

Son who lives in Tucson, the chef, Birthday was on the 21st and Japanese Son sent these wonderful and extremely touching memorial tickets.
The fun left one 22. 2. 22 is from the Nankai Railway. The way of numbering the year by the current Emperor is the year Heisei 22, train ticket follow this format YY.MM.DD
So following this format and add any combination of numbers mix in train fanatics like my son and you can come up with this promotions around February 2nd and February 22.
The special ticket on the right 11.11.11 is special ticket put out by the Ohmi Railway in Shiga prefecture. They did a joint issue with Sanriku Railway up in Tohoku in the Iwate Prefecture. This line was pretty much destroyed on 3/11. Both lines were very badly damaged from the earthquake and tsunami. Together the two lines were very badly affected at 300 locations plus losing over 5.8 km of railroad tracks.
From what I have read they expect the rebuilding to finish in 2014.

Inside of the 22.2.22. packet with tickets

On the release day son traveled to the two participating train station ( they have the kanji for two in their name) to get the station stamps on the back.

Front and back of the 3/11 memorial ticket.

The inside with special tickets.
Part of the proceeds from this special memorial ticket will help with the reconstruction of their railway.

Great Birthday gift !
Please check the following post for a wonderful look at the what can happen when some train fanatics get together !
3 minutes of pure joy !
It will make your day !
Happy new Year !

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  1. where's the boys??? miss them! ha ha ha


    smiles, bee

  2. Happy birthday Tucson son!

    The tickets are great, there's something about tickets. I told a friend the other day that I keep all my old tickets – bus, train, cinema, etc – and she looked at me as if I was potty.

    How many chicken strips did you have to concede?

    Word verification is 'dogog'!

  3. Bee...
    The Boys are taking a rest... Hamish has has a relapse and He is taking some new meds. He see the eye doctor Wednesday the eyes seem fine ? but the diabetes is up and down and we are constantly change his insulin because of the steroids eye drops. he also has a raging infection..... yikes !

    He had a nice day... he and daughter cooked. Much fun was had. He got a Beer Making kit from The Boys !
    I have saved so many tickets but many were lost in the fire. I especially love the tickets from the special movies and museums that Daughter and I went to. I save them all. I even saved the fortunes that came from the cookies !
    They even have special books for saving the tickets/passes in. So it is your friend and not you that is potty....

  4. Happy New Year to you and the Square Ones, Parsnip!

  5. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year.
    And , of course, a very splendid BIRTHDAY!!!!

  6. parnsip happy belated xmas and birthday. Wishing you happy new year. It was nice to blog with you and hopefully it will continue in 2012. Cheers. Anna :)

  7. I trust the lads will be back up and running anon!