Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wednesday In Japan...

Wednesday in Japan
and Tucson too !
A tree in a pot covered in lights
with Two Little Square Dogs waiting underneath.

Crane Origami made by Daughter so sweet
perch on branches of Evergreen.

A sweet little Christmas Tree made by a Daughters tiny hands,
always finds a place on every tree.

Gaily wrapped packages and a Scottie Bank too,
find their way on the hearth by the Christmas tree.

Japanese Cards some new and some old,
placed on a buffet with three little dogs sitting so near.

Snow Globes brought out only once a year,
filled with Trees and Snowmen full of good cheer.

A covey of Snowmen perched on a clear box
march in step toward tiny sweet gifts left by a very dear friend.

Merry Christmas to all so near and so far,
may your days be filled with Joy and much Good Cheer !

Christmas. . . parsnip
Music. . . II Est Ne Le Divin Enfant , Annie Lennox

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  1. I love the way the little square ones try to upstage your tree.
    Are those Christmas hampers? We have only the one:(

  2. alas.... no Christmas Hamper :(
    and if there is a camera or interest shown to anything or anyone, Hamish will appear ! Watson not so much anymore he has never been very interested in the camera, unless it involves a chicken strip.

  3. The lads want to be front and center on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day....

  4. William...
    cameracameramemememnowyertcameramememem !
    yert !

  5. What a lovely post Parsnip - I enjoyed every word and every picture. Those are such well looked after and loved dogs. Have a lovely Christmas.

  6. i love the square doggie ones best! tell them yert and woof please...

    smiles, bee