Monday, December 19, 2011

parley view parsnip...

I love Christmas !
I have started a new series Christmas Cards
based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.
I started the first series in 1978, the stamp was 15 cents.
Full color printing was expensive, unlike today's color instant printing you can get at any Office Max/Staples.
I chose back in 1978 one color ink and a two fold self mailer that saved on envelopes.

My originals where destroyed along with my home, in the firestorm that engulfed Laguna Beach in 1993.

Wonderful friends sent me the cards they saved so I have a copy of each year.

This new Twelve Days will have an Arizona take on the Christmas song.
Plus as you see the Square Ones are making sure they get their woof in.
OK, it is now a parsnip rant.....
Skip this part if you want. It's OK, really !
I am a Greeting Card Artist and proud of it.
Many people have mentioned the hassle of sending out cards. If it is a cost factor I understand.
I usually start my card early November and it is printed and ready by the end of the month. I have heard the famous "paper eco/carbon footprint" excuse. Give me a break, I am the queen of recycle, carbon footprint and I send cards. Such a small way to send some cheer ! If your that concerned about your carbon footprint take a bus, drive your car less, cut out fast food, give up meat become a vegetarian, buy local.....
If your just too stressed, cranky, hate holidays, can't stand your family, well go for it but be honest.
But I can tell you when I look through the mail and see bills, junk mail and see a card peeking out at me it makes me smile and if there is a quick note so much better. I save the card to read after the mail is sorted.
Someone sent me their year end letter as a pdf file this year, needless to say if they would have sent me it in a card I would have read it. After a quick scan to make sure that illness wasn't the reason for the email I just deleted it.
Cards are held, enjoyed, saved and if your me, put out year after year as holiday decorations. Carbon footprint any one ? Recycle reuse !
What little shopping I did was finished in November, hello computer and online shopping ! I don't do well in crowds.

I love the whole month of December.
What is not to love, family fun, the lights, music, cooking, movies, the wonderful smells and just sitting enjoying your tree. What other time of the year do you get to put a tree in you home and hang lights around your home. Beautiful !
This year I did get somewhat behind because of some major health issues but it all done, Thank You Daughter and Son for the help.

unstressed. . . parsnip
music. . . God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Annie Lennox

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  1. Hello Gayle:
    Well, we think that your Christmas cards are lovely and how wonderful it must be for family and friends to receive one knowing that it has been made with such personal thought and care.

    In spite of the traumas that have beset you over the years, it is so heartwarming to see that you have nevertheless kept with the tradition of creating your own card and personalising it for each recipient. That is such a kind and tender gesture which we are sure must be warmly appreciated by those lucky enough to receive one.

  2. My family has a tradition of hanging up all of the greeting cards we get in the mail each year, so I LOVE getting cards. It's kind of funny the excuses people use for not sending cards. I think I actually get more cards from friends I know solely from the internet than from people I have ever met in real life. Yours are really amazing. I'll need to work on making my own card next year.

  3. LOVE the cards.

    yert to the boys!

    smiles, bee

  4. I love receiving cards too! Merry Christmas, and beautiful work.

  5. I really like the Arizona Christmas one. You have kind of a cartoony style, which I can appreciate.

  6. Jane and Lance,
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I am crazy about paper, paint, inks pencils and so I think I was born to be Card Artist. I have worked for several card companies over the years.

    cheers, parsnip

    Yea ! another card person !
    Office Max is a life saver for me !

    Empress Bee...
    awwwwwww Thanks I am having fun figuring out what animal or bird to use for the cards.
    The Square Ones woof and yert back.

    Hooray for our side ! More cards please !
    And I love the one you sent... The Square Ones where very pleased.

    It is so much fun to choose what Arizona animal and plant I will use. I know some where down the line some Javelinas will get their own card.
    I see thing very flat so my art style is very much in keeping with that.

  7. We recycle everything. A card you sent me is my favourite book mark. Loved ones who have departed have their cards brought out each year.
    The rest are next year's shopping lists.

  8. Your cards are gorgeous! It's wonderful that you make your own. I love those green Palo Verde (?) trees with cardinal at the top right and the back design with your cute square doggies. :)

  9. I lived in Tustin in 1993 and I watched your flames from our bedroom window. Horrible. I'm glad you moved to Arizona! Your artwork is amazing! I used to try to make cards with my poems but I guess I felt under appreciated and I don't do it anymore. Merry Christmas!

  10. I love your cards and have my precious Second Day of Christmas one here on my desk protected by its lovely waxed paper cover and buttoned ribbon. If all cards were like yours I'd love them all, but you should see some of the ones I've been sent this year! The greetings card industry needs you back!

    It's really fascinating to see how your style has changed since 1978.

  11. You are so right about cards--they do bring a smile. Your images are really beautiful. I especially like the partridge in the tress.