Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Wednesday In Japan....

The Year of the Dragon

In Japan the big Holiday is New Year and the Zodiac symbol for the new year is the Dragon.

For the 56 year the city of Osaka (I love Osaka) had it's annual Zodiac Replacement Event.
The animal representing the Chinese Zodiac sign of the old and new year are presented.
The symbolizing passing of responsibility.

In the past years the selection of animals has been somewhat easier,
Boar to Rat, Rat to Ox, Ox to Tiger, Tiger to Rabbit but Rabbit to Dragon is somewhat more complicated.
The Dragon was represented by a Seahorse, which makes sense to me if you think about it and pretty clever too.
I don't fully understand the but an associated element is also given, this years Rabbit element was metal, the element for 2012 is water and the associated color is black. So 2012 will be the year of The Water Dragon.
Dragons are thought of having mysterious color and have been somewhat unpredictable. If you look the little Seahorse has turned "Black" while the others are still very pale. Seahorses are able to change their color.

According to astrology the new year will be unpredictable ?
I think 2011 was unexpected and unpredictable, kind of all over the place so lets all hope that 2012 will be unexpected in a good way !

When I was young I thought seahorses were amazing. Little prehistoric animals from the past. Dinosaurs that lived in the water.

I rather like the idea they are Dragons. Even Better !

flying . . . parsnip
music . . . Back In The High Life Again, Steve Winwood


  1. A lot of interesting information here Parsnip - thanks for that., I love the idea of little dragons too - not so sure about big ones though.

  2. Year of the dragon, huh?

    "Lo, there shall come out of the sea the monstrous dragon-beast called Godzilla, set to destroy Tokyo once more (this makes it fifty seven times in a row)..."

  3. I just have to remember to stop writing "Rabbit" on my checks....

  4. Little Jackie Paper will be excited.

  5. I think the water dragon is outside my window right now, and it's not very happy. I wonder if it just wants to come in and curl up by the fire, do you think water dragons like cake?

  6. Weaver...
    I love Dragons
    I remember reading a book that was and the characters were talking about a map and that when the mapmakers didn't know what something was they wrote "Here Be Dragons" I just loved that.
    If I would have a tombstone, which I won't I would have that written on it....

    I love Godzilla ... sent you an e-mail about him !

    Yes ! write Dragons now !
    why are you writing rabbit on your checks ? sound like fun though

    Well I hope so !

    Yes Please !
    Dragon and I want to come in curl up in front of the fire and eat that FABULOUS cake you made.... it looks so wonderful from your photo and I love Almonds ! the little snowman on top is way to cute !

  7. That rabbit looked like a hare to me.
    Sea horses have a strange ability - like swans mating for life - but I can't remember what it is.
    Have a Happy Draqon year - with lots of joy.

  8. Very interesting about the symbolic transition and I love the formal Japanese ceremony on TV. A seahorse is probably about as close to a dragon as they could put on their show. I guess they could have used the Komodo dragons but they're kind of rare. Here's hoping that 2012 is unpredictable in a positive way. Dragons can effect big changes.