Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday In Japan....

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
Christmas Cards from Japan.
Another post was planed but I feel very Christmas today... plus I had trouble with the other post but we won't mention that, will we ?
My son started sending me these fabulous pop-out cards. Knowing my love of Christmas, Santa, Cards (I am a greeting card artist after all) and of course furry animals big and small. I love them all.
My favorite !
A pop-out card 16 little animals and Santa standing around a tree.
When you push the button small blinking lights come on. You can see some of the tiny blue lights on the edges of the tree. 2 Christmas songs play. This is my favorite of all the cards he has sent me. So sweet I love all the little animals.

This is his favorite.
15 Santas that twirl when you open it up along with deer and snowmen. But what he absolutely loves is the 12 count them 12 Christmas songs that play ! He wrote " Be thankful you don't have crazy kids around to push the play button non-stop Me"

In his own words... "this has to be the most insane card ever ! 4 buttons"
When you push the various buttons you make the drums and the horns play, children sing to the song and lights come on.

This is a pop-up card, no songs and lights but a huge favorite because I adore Osaka.

Filled with many Osaka landmarks and over 50 little Santas. I love this card.
Who in their right mind puts a Crab, even the famous Osaka Crab on a Christmas card ! let alone over 50 tiny Santas.

Japan's big holiday is New Years, but the bigger cities put up Christmas decorations. I think for the tourists but Christmas is slowly making some small inroads.
You know how small children love a party !
One year I took the family to Tokyo for Christmas. The x had just walked out so I thought ... lets go to Japan for Christmas. Hey, it made sense at the time.
It was the best trip ever !
The wonderful Hotel we stayed at was elegant, older and not in the typical tourist area. We loved it. They had a lovely Christmas Tree up but on December 26 the tree was gone and New Year decorations were up.
That so made me giggle.
More cards to come....

singing . . . parsnip
music . . . Jingle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms
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  1. MMM. Beautiful. I love those cards. All of them. Very cool.

  2. oh too cool! i have a blogger friend that's in japan now while her hubby is in the navy. she loves it too.

    smiles, bee

  3. Like how the multiple Santas on that one card all have subtle differences about them.

  4. Fascinating stuff. I particularly like the Osaka one, but that may subconciously be because it doesn't make any noise. Quite enough in this house already!

  5. Wowza. I love pop up books so these cards are right up my alley but 50 Santas does seem just a wee bit over the top :)

  6. Ever hopeful I clicked on the first button - lost the page and had to start over!
    It doesn't surprise me their cards are so fresh and innovative. I don't think dull and mundane are in the vocabulary in Japan.

  7. Dear Parsnip
    How inventive the Japanese are!
    How they get cute so very right and charming.
    Yes, I'm feeling pretty Christmassy myself.