Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Found at a fabulous bakery at the Nishinomiya Gardens Mall ... Totoro

These delightful bundles of goodness are light dough filled with the
best custard and a cream frosting.
Fabulous tasty !
Of course being a huge Totoro fan and Stuido Ghibli ...
there I was being a geeky tourist and standing at the window taking
What was even better, this Bakery was on the way to the way to
"Donguri Gardens" a small shop at the mall fill with all things Totoro
and Studio Ghibli.
Geeky Heaven !

Even though I couldn't buy one knowing that I would be devouring a
Totoro, charming son Adam ducked out one afternoon took the train
over to the Mall and came back to the apartment with a bag filled with

We were all very happy !

tasty. . . parsnip
music. . . OST, My Neighbor Totoro


  1. Ohhh, very interesting! I can not wait to be able to try different and cool things there.

  2. Cutest pastries ever! I love those big eyes and little ears. :D

  3. That was weird. The first time I tried to post, I got an error message saying the page was no longer available!

    The pastries look delicious!

  4. Social Frog...
    I can't wait to hear all about your adventures only they will be somewhat different than mine because of the Earthquake and Tsunami. But I hope you will have time to explore.

    they were very cute and I had qualms about eating them but after that first bite...

    That about right for my blog, someday it tells me I don't have a blog or I have a blog but no lists.
    It is always very interesting trying to get on my blog.... I have so many posts flying around in cyber land that never made it to the blog. It is like playing hide and seek.

  5. I want one right now. Very yummy looking.

  6. Custard and a cream frosting, oh my!

  7. Very cute and yummy sounding.

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! These have made me hungry! Am quite exhausted after another DIY afternoon so it is fish n chips tonight for us! Dxx

  9. Carole...
    I almost could eat one but..... after one bite I happily devoured mine !

    Oh my is so right !

    Totoro is a favorite movie. With many of Hayao Miyazaki movies besides they fabulous animation the main character is a strong girl who can solve the problem.

    Yes they were very tasty but your fish and chips sound very good to me. Served with a pickle I hope.

    The bakeries in Japan are truly fabulous.
    I think it is because they didn't really bake until after the war (1948) and they fell in love with yeast based breads.
    I also loved the steamed breads and cakes they make. Quite fabulous !

  10. The best way to eat custard. Yum!