Friday, March 11, 2011

update update update...

Japan is indeed sitting on the Ring Of Fire...

I would like to Thank everyone for all the comments, e-mail, twitter and phone call that were sent to my son and me today.
So far all my family, extended family and friends are safe for now.
I have been quite glued to the TV news reports.

The nuclear Power Plants at Fukushima are the big worry right now. So far as I understand about eleven reactors in Japan have been shut down.
I hope they can find a solution for this plant worked out soon.

For anyone who would like to donate Mary at "Resident Alien" has a link to the Red Cross.
I am also posting a link for a rescue group that David just e-mailed me about. I know nothing about this group but David has met, as he said... the nice English lady who runs this group.

Animal Refuge Kansai

Thank You all again for your wonderful wishes and concern for my Japanese Family.



  1. We always use the Red Cross or Salvation Army to donate as I believe they are totally trustworthy.
    The photographs of the explosion at the Nuclear Plant were very worrying although an expert was playing it down.

  2. A relief about your family, but the concern remains. Hope and prayers sent their way.

  3. Good that your family is safe. I've been glued to the coverage too.

  4. Good to know your family is all right.

  5. I've been following the news on it, too--relieved to know they're okay. Wish that could be said for everyone.

  6. I made a post about ARK on my blog

    If anyone donates a minimum of 1,000 yen (about $12.60) I will send you a free thank you painting.

    Thank you everyone who has donated to any charity for the earthquake relief.

  7. Just wanted to check in to make sure your family and friends are safe. Glad to hear they are OK - mine are too, I'm very grateful. Very shocked by what's happening and also riveted to the media. I've been following firsthand accounts on twitter for hours on end.