Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burning in the sun...

Burning in the sun..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

A few evenings ago the sky was just so pink. I love the way the bottom
of some of the clouds were highlighted so it almost looked like a
white line was drawn across the sky.
Of course this only lasted for a minute before the colors changed as
the sun set further.

I am still having trouble with some of my color settings on my new
camera. Most of the time the color is pretty true but on shots like
this when I was in a hurry and I didn't have time to change the
setting the camera zoomed in on the sun and the highlights which I
thought was very interesting.
In fact I really was impressed by the sky that was more of a rosy deep
pink with purple streaks as the sun dropped down below the horizon.

rosy. . . parsnip
music. . . Burning In The Sun, Blue Merle


  1. Great shot. Good detail in the shadows too.

  2. It's an amazing shot Parsnip, the colours so dazzling as if they came out of a paint pot. And the silhouette of the ground is stunning. Such a contrast.

  3. Fabulous, makes me want to have a deep inhale and breathe it in. Isn't it amazing how quickly it all changes when you're watching it? I have a sunrise photo taken from my front porch today on my blog - doesn't have anywhere near this many colors in it. We are so lucky to live here with our magical skies.

  4. That's an amazing picture... really beautiful!

  5. Oh wow, fantastic shot! That highlighted edge of clouds is interesting.

  6. Yeah parsnip sunsets don't last very long, and I have to problem figuring out the settings to get it right. This is amazing picture, very empowering, looks like you got it! Anna :)

  7. Don't worry about what you think you missed, glory in what you got!

  8. Blazing magenta I'm thinking:)

  9. Wow. Now that is a beautiful shot. Absolutely amazing.

  10. David...
    Thanks for the great camera... still learning how to use it but whe I mess up the photos still come out great ! a win win !

    The sunsets in Arizona are unbelievable. You are so right, it does look like the colors just came straight from the paint tubes.

    I thought your photo was fabulous and how lucky are we to live in a place were we can just walk out our door and see skies like this. I love when you, Desert Colors and I post similar sky photos because we live so close to each other.

    Thanks, that sky was really so fabulous that day and the mountains were so pink.

    I love to see what the camera picks up on and that highlight really stood out !

    I know you must be quick, I have the camera were I can get to it but figuring out the setting in less than a second is not something I am great at.

    Thank You, so glad you like the photo. What a surprise to see what the camera sees.

    I so agree with you and I need you to help name my photos !

    I thought it was pretty amazing too, For the last few days the mountains have been lighting up pink in the evening so I know to walk out to the back yard and look West and then magic appears.