Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday in Japan....

Wednesday in Japan...., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Mondays post is what is going on around my home. Wednesday's post will
now be about what I love about Japan. Fridays will be a surprise for
you and me !

"The Square Ones" are hoping for a Scottie Day. I have told them that
everyday is a Scottie Day around here but they still want their very
own post !
So not going to happen !

Today Japanese post is about "mollybot" and her response to what is
happing in Japan.
She wanted to help and she decided to help support the wonderful
group Animal Refuge Kansai by getting the word out through her art.
For a donation she would sent you a animal painting of your choice.
Above picture is what she sent me, a Scottie... I wonder why ? but
"The Square Ones" are very happy....

Please check my side bar for her blog and to get an Update !

Japanese Son is running a 100 things I love about Japan on "tummbler"
check out his blog on my sidebar too.

I divide my time between Arizona and Japan. For me the Pacific Ocean
is just a place to fly over and take a nap.
My next trip to Japan will be in the Fall.
My son is not leaving Japan, he is staying. Japan is his home now and
this is where his family and friends are.

flying. . . parsnip
music. . . On The Hill, Ryuichi Sakamoto


  1. Love the picture. Sounds fun, flying back and forth, but I'm sure the highlight is the family and not the snooze.

  2. The Scottie picture is adorable! How awesome that you will be visiting Japan this fall. :)

  3. Love the picture!

    Awww, give the Scotties a blog!

  4. Carole...
    The highlight is the family and friends but I must tell you the nap is very lovely !

    Daughter, mollybot is very talented...
    I was to go on my trip in late April but I had to postpone because of doctors orders.... we are aiming for fall.I have spring and summer to get better.

    The Square Ones are very spoiled and although I haven't posted on them lately, they get lots of blog time ! Cheeky little devils...

  5. Just popped by for a quick hello before throwing myself into bed. Love the art work, you're all so talented in your family.

    Sounds like you're becoming very organised re your blog posts. I will take a leaf from your book, soon.

  6. Thinking of everyone having a hard time in Japan.
    Loved the square dog picture!

  7. From what I have learned about Japan and its people these last few days I can understand your son's decision. It is the people who give a country its heart.

  8. I love the art work!! So very nice! Thank you for visiting my blog, I do love when you stop by!! I will be ckecking out your family's blogs as well. It is great that you are going to Japan in the fall. I really love the grace the Japanese have shown through out this horrible situation.

  9. We have a very good family friend in Japan - you must let us know when you are going. Love the artwork - definately a gifted family!