Monday, March 7, 2011

parlay view parsnip ?

parlay view parsnip ?, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Today is my Monday post about what is happening around my home.

This charming Gila Woodpecker is having a snack before the tree
surgeons arrive today.

One of my favorite birds, I think they are a spectacular stylish from
the warm gray body, horizontal black and white barring on the back,
wings and tail. They also have a beautiful red "cap" and the top of
the head, quite jaunty like a beret or a tam maybe ?

I really like the graphic bars of black and white that cover all the
back and down the tail and the bright red dot on his head is perfect.
Sadly the lady bird does not have the red cap. Bummer !

chirping. . . parsnip
music. . . The Wind Forest, Mari Fujware

p.s. Thank you again Eryl for the fabulous name.


  1. "parlay view parsnip" - ha love it!
    What a regal looking bird. Must keep my eyes open, gorgeous color, gorgeous.

  2. jeanette...
    Eryl from the "The Kitchen Bitch Ponders" came up with the wonderful name for me. You can tell she is a writer. Very clever with words... (envy) :)

  3. Male birds always seem to be more fancily dressed - glad it is not like that with humans. What is the fruit on the tree?

  4. I didn't even know there was such a bird as a Gila Woodpecker! Coming here is such an education, Gila is such a lovely name and it really is a gorgeous little thing.

  5. You really have a joyous way of appreciating and sharing your surroundings.

  6. Weaver...
    The fruit is a Tangelo which is my favorite, so easy to peel, very sweet and juicy. A hybrid of a Tangerine and a Pomelo or Grapefruit.
    I am always fighting the birds for them.
    The very hard freeze we had last month, not this cold for a hundred years, has damaged the trees so much that most of the fruit has turned to mush. I had some of the Tangelos survive but lost all the Sweet Oranges, Lemons, two kinds of Grapefruit and the Kumquats.
    The birds still love them.

    I might post another photo where you can see his red cap. A very stylish birds.
    There are many Gila in Arizona as in river, valley, lizards, hawks, and cities... It is a Pima, Maricopa and O'odham Indian word. It is pronounced "hela".

  7. Kass...
    Well Thank You, I do enjoy where I live. I am very lucky to be able to live in such a Beautiful State.

  8. What a stunning bird!
    And, like Weaver, still in awe of the Tangelos.

  9. Titus...
    He is the George Clooney of birds I think, very stylish !

  10. You are becoming an ace photographer. Stunning picture.

  11. Pat...
    Awwwwww... Thank You very much but some of the credit goes to my new camera. My other one took great photos too but this one is somewhat easier for me.

  12. What a beautiful bird! Their colour reminds me of the Clark's Nutcracker. The same warm soft grey. maybe they're related. It looks lovely in your part of the world, Parsnip.

  13. Such a refreshing place to come, your blog.