Friday, March 4, 2011

a perfect photo

IMG 6261, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

"jeanette from everton terrace" has in her post today a wonderful photo with a bike leaning against a wall.

This got me thinking about a photo Japanese son "sleepytako" took a few years ago in Osaka.

This photo always strikes me as a perfect photo for me.
The composition is wonderful. The different angles of walls playing off each other, the bright red wall and white numbers draw you in with bikes parked in front for that extra interest. The green bus playing off the red wall give this photo that accent pop that you would miss if it wasn't there.

Do you have a photo that stays in your mind long after you have seen it ? One that you just remember and cant forget ?

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . From The Morning, Nick Drake


  1. How fun, thanks for mentioning my photo. I took mine years ago in Poland :) I especially like yours because it has a big "29" in it, which is my birthday!
    One photo that stuck with me (hundreds have though) is one I took in New York back in the 80's. It was of some graffiti I saw. There was a little drawing of a baby chick and next to it the artist had written "and her feet were clean, always clean". I don't know why but I have remembered it all these years later even though the photo is, I think, long gone.

  2. I don't remember this photo from David, it's fantastic. That guy can really shoot photos, it makes me jealous >:D

  3. Very interesting. I don't remember a lot of photos actually. Perhaps you have to have an eye for it.

  4. A few of yours have stuck with me, parsnip!

  5. jeanette...
    I loved your photo and I am envious that you have been to Poland. I would love to go and visit and see if I could find any of my family history. Too much was lost in the war, and my Mum died before I could get her to tell more stories.

    And what month goes with the 29 ? ? ?

    I love your photo story "her feet were clean" what a hoot.

    I know he drives me crazy too ! plus he can still walk around with his photo bag and stuff, dork !

    I love to take photos and then see what the camera saw, as with this photo the camera picked up on the sun more than the rosy blue sky.

    Thank you, so glad that you have enjoyed my photos. I am so lucky that I live in a fabulous just point and click and Waa Laa area !

  6. I'm looking at it now. A boy - five or thereabouts, sitting astride a rock dressed in patched jeans, gumboots, sweater and his anorak falling off his shoulders. His blonde hair is blowing in the wind and his mouth concentrated on sucking the sweet he has in his hand.
    There is a moody sky and mountains behind him with the lake visible in the valley.

  7. I just love that red, and you're so right, the green on the bus really sets it off.

    I have a photo of Bob, about sixteen or so, standing on a desserted beach leaning into the wind, his cagoule inflated like a balloon and him with the widest grin on his face. It's one of the few photographs I actually have in a frame and it makes me smile every time I see it. I also remember a photo of yours from your recent Japan trip, of puffer fish lanterns hanging outside a restaurant.

  8. Pat...
    That is one fabulous photo and memory !

    I don't have many photos out either, plus they all burned up in the fire, but I do have a few out.
    What a great photo of Bob, I can see it and the joy on his face.

  9. Dear Parsnip,
    You are right this photo is splendidly RIGHT!
    I'm glad you shared it.

  10. Elizabeth...
    My son takes the best photos ever and really so does my daughter both have a very goo eye.
    I just really love this photo. I was thinking of blowing it up really big for a wall in my studio.
    give Buster a big hug for me.

  11. I shouldn't comment when I am tired... very good eye