Saturday, September 26, 2009

Utility access cover

Utility access cover, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Another utility access cover ( see post below ) this time it is from
the city of Sanda, the Azalea is the city flower.
Sanda is 25 kilometers from Kobe beyond the Rokko Mountains and 35
kilometers from Osaka.

cheers. . . parsnip


  1. I think they are what we call manholes. Excellent idea.

  2. PI. . .

    They have, manhole covers, the round ones and we have those too! Although not usually in color those had great designs too !
    It was just the fact that in every city I saw these wonderful decorated utility covers and in color.

  3. That is really nice to see. We just have round ones and the name of the company who made the covers on them.