Friday, September 18, 2009


Signs, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I remember many fabulous signs while growing up in Tucson, Arizona.
Interesting signs with plants, animals, people and quite a few neon
ones that would have made Las Vegas of the 50's and 60's very proud.
Hey ! I was a kid . . . I loved all the colors and lights and had
many favorites. Still do !

Many have been destroyed for various reasons. This great one was torn
down the week I took this picture. Yes it is in terrible shape but I
liked it and the new one that took it's place is safe, secure and
extremely boring !

So. . . now the new or old project for me is to finish what I
started when I first moved back to Tucson 2 years ago and take
pictures of the signs that I remember from my childhood. It has been
40 years and I am not sure how many are still standing but I put new
batteries in the camera, the car will be back from the collision
repair next week and so . . . off I go.

More signs to come ! Yea Haaaa !

Dreaming. . . parsnip
Music. . . You Get What You Give. . . The New Radicals


  1. What an interesting project. Good luck and drive carefully.

  2. PI. . .

    My only hope is that when driving around, all alone, sniff, tear, is I can find a Charming Inn and have a fabulous lunch like you and MTL seem to find. . . one can only hope !

  3. That is so cool, and good idea. I will be glad to come back and see more of your favorite signs. Thanks for sharing again, Anna :)