Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lighting, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Kanani came for the weekend and she stayed at the home of Two Square
Dogs. We all had a wonderful time excluding the small incident of
the person who was too busy with phone or ipod and rear ended my car.
Thank Goodness we are all fine but what a way to welcome a friend to

The storm that was to start when Kanani was here, waited till Monday
evening . . . good thing she left that morning and missed this
storm. Lighting and Thunder all around as the storm circled Tucson.
This storm was very slow moving so we had major rain fall and that was
really great for Tucson.

This picture of the storm at sunset is facing West and if you look at
the right side you can see some lighting. The camera I use now is
really not great for Lighting shots but I was lucky to capture this
flash by accident ! and yes the sky was quite yellow from the setting
sun and the clouds very deep blue and purple.

soaked. . . . parsnip
music. . . Rainy Day. . . Tatsu Yamashita


  1. amazing photo! thanks for visiting me and the kind words...

    smiles, bee

  2. So sorry about your bump but glad you weren't hurt. The photo is magnifique. Blog meets are fun aren't they. Mine have always been more or less one to one which I prefer.
    Was Kanani what you expected?

  3. Bee. . .
    I do send you both positive thoughts for the best results. <3

    cheers. . . parsnip

    PI. . .
    I met Kanani on one of my trips back to California. We have been e-mailing and chatting quite a-bit since.
    Having family here in Tucson that she visits, that means I get to see her too.
    She is utterly Fabulous and so much fun and her mind works a zillons miles a minute like all you writer types I seem to follow on your blogs...

    She has so much on her plate right now, but handles it all with charming ease !

    When I get back to your part of the world I would love to visit several blogging friends. I am getting a map to mark areas/cities? where I think you all live. How fun!

    I was shook up and my Frbromyaligia which has been acting up lately is really bad right now but will be better.

    cheers. . . parsnip

  4. Thanks for that and I'm glad you have made a real blogging friend.
    I now have to google Frbromyaligia. I'm guessing itis to do with nerve endings?
    Hope it eases up really soon.

  5. The storm on the photo looks scary, however, this is nice capture though. Anna :)

  6. Anna. . .

    I thought about that, looking scary but when your here there is such open space, big sky and all that ... it is not that scary
    The yellow came out a-bit more saturated but I didn't want to lose the cloud colors. I only use a digital now and the depth isn't as good as it should be.
    The sky on the West side of my land was engulfed in the setting sun but the East side was filled with clouds that where tinted with lavender and rose and not so intense !

    One reason I so enjoy your photos, is the light quality, depth and the fact your air looks so lush... quite different from the light here in the West.