Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning Vistors

Morning Vistors, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This morning several Doves took an early morning break on
the fence by my bedroom window.

I have seen Cactus Wrens ( the clowns of the bird world ) Cardinals,
Quail, Woodpeckers, Cowbirds and several Hawks.
Living in Tucson is a real treat to be able to see such a wide range
of wild animals and birds . . . not so much with the scorpions and
Rattle-snakes ! I can do without those.

happy. . . parsnip


  1. If they faced the other way they could leave their deposits on the ground but they never do do they?

  2. PI. . .

    Oh my Goodness, your comment made me almost choke on my morning coffee ! so funny.
    It is true, but for some reason they always face West, maybe they don't want early morning sun in their little faces ?
    For some reason it is rather clean over there...