Friday, September 11, 2009

Early Morning

Early Morning, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I awoke very early this morning !
The sky was a starting blue with the morning sun leaving long soft
shadows all over the foothills where I live. The air smelled so fresh
and crisp with the hint of rain to come. It was utterly amazing !

I saw the reflection of the sky on the copper sheeting of the
fountain, as the water dripped down. . . I had to try to take a picture.
The rocks shimmered in the basin with the dripping water leaving
little swirls and bubbles. Most of the rocks came from my land and
some that I have schlepped around from home to home... when they get
wet the colors just pop, with range of the color going from dark red
to green-blue. Lovely !

I loved the way this photo came out and how the shot is cropped
tight, even the water droplets reflect the blue sky, Fabulous !

contented. . .parsnip
music . . . Enchantment. . . Corinne Bailey Rae