Saturday, September 19, 2009

Japanese Crackers

Japanese Crackers, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My son just sent me some of my favorite Japanese crackers. Color me
very very HAPPY !

Talk about Presentation Packaging ! Each of these little crispy,
airy, bite sizes morsels of goodness have different Nigiri Sushi
photograph on each small cellophane bag. There are octopus, shrimp,
snapper, tuna and eel. The two cracker flavors are Wasabi and
Shoyu. . . love at first bite.

I so love these small bags ( 3 inch by 1 1/2 ) I have been saving
them all ! Not sure what I will do with the bags but they are
photograph so beautifully. . . I just can't throw them away.
I might glue one of each bag on a board and frame it, maybe that will
help me so I can throw the rest away. . . wahahahahahahah !

delirious . . . parsnip
music . . . . . Nice Day. . . Persephone's Bees


  1. I thought one couldn't send edibles to the States. Am I out of date? They are very fussy when one arrives by plane. Nevertheless that is a lovely present to receive.

  2. Fresh things like fruit and meat arn't OK. Pickled things are kind of OK. Crackers, cakes, cooked stuff are OK if they are packaged normally.

  3. My spiritual homeland is calling me.

  4. Eryl, Eryl Eryl... your kinda back ... I know you are super busy... but so good to hear from you !

    Please check this site out... Mt. Fuji As Seen From Lake Tanuki. . . Tanuki are Raccoons, often called Raccoon Dogs and big in Japanese culture. I look at this site everyday and love it ! my zen moment! remember time difference. I must write some time about the first time I saw Mt Fuji.

    Japanese son, is going to show me how to link sites, he takes over my computer long distance...and then I see what to do. I have another site I am crazy about Live Camera Mt. Fuji camera Tea Farm.

    Your Spiritual homeland is calling you !

  5. Checking out those sites now...

  6. Oh, those are so pretty! I loved all the packaging you had framed at the house. The colors they used are so bright and happy.

  7. I have been making mistakes on everyone's blogs today. why not mine !

    It is. . .

    Mt. Fuji Viewed From Lake Tanuki. . . NOT seen

  8. I want these. I want them badly!

    I've been hoarding a package of senbei our daughter brought back from Japan, meaning to share it with guests. But to heck with guests after reading this -- I'm going to go eat them myself. (See what you made me do?)

  9. Mary. . .

    That is my feeling the heck with friends... MINE !
    I can't tell you how good these crackers are. I limit myself. . . only 2 crackers a day

    cheers... parsnip

  10. Just swinging by. Bad news. My desktop computer kind of blew up today! I'll take it to the Genius Bar on Friday. So, I'm late because the lap top was upstairs and I just didn't even get there all day.
    Right now, I'm waiting for Gregory to return with Louie.

  11. gosh these are beautiful!

    smiles, bee