Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two Square Dogs

Two Square Dogs, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Woof !

OK, these are spoiled bad bad boys. . . . but I love them.

Watson in the back is a Brindled Scottish Terrier. . . smart, loyal,
charming, courtly, and most of all loving. A big sweetheart. He has
to be to put up with "The Hamish"
Hamish in front is a Westie/Scottie mix and is always in conflict. . .
the good-side, white is in battle with the dark-side. . . much like
"Darth Vader"

As you can see by the photo Mr. Watson was taking a nap in the crate
and Hamish just crushes in.
We only have several pillows, baskets and a very cool basket crate for
their sleeping and napping enjoyment. Hamish always finds Watson and
this is what happens ! See earlier " Two Headed Dog" post on
this blog. . .

Little brothers can be such a Big pain !

sympathetic . . . . parsnip
music. . . . So Sorry. . . Feist


  1. It's lucky you have Mr Watson to help you keep tabs on the Hamish. I notice they are a different colour to the ones on the side bar. Or is that just an illusion?

  2. Older brothers can be a pain too! ;)

    pooor Dr Watson!

  3. PI . . .

    Just an illusion. The one on the side bar was taken in the bright, hot Tucson sun and the other late at night with flash.

    They are both a mix of black, gray, white with several shades of brown undercoat.