Friday, April 5, 2019

Square Dog Friday. . . we're back !

Best day of the week is here, so lets woof it !

iwinston is lookin' at agatha playin' with new toy what about me iwinston

iwinston is watchin'

iwinston can play

what you doin' agatha

you got toy

iwinston be needin' it

 iwinston be needin' cartoy

yesh !


Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Lots of rain lots of windflowers.
I need to try and get a better photo before they are gone.
The wildfires have started, two small ones already. Everything is growing and blooming,
that means wildfires will be starting soon.

We do not deserve gud dug !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. I always love seeing iwinston and agatha! So cute! The garden picture is beautiful. Sending my hopes for very few wildfires. That last picture of the dog and kitten is so wonderful. Animals are much smarter, more loving and more loyal than we give them credit for.

    1. Gud Dugs are wonderful and we need them but do not deserve them.

  2. Winston is a very patient good dog!

    1. Looks that way RIGHT ? but those photos happened in about 1 minute.
      He be needing that toy.

  3. Oh that adorable dog in your last picture - what a lovely story. (Love you too Winston and Agatha)

  4. Adorable! And I love the desert in bloom.

  5. What a wonderful post- lots of gud dogs and pretty flowers!

  6. What a hero the gud dog in the last picture is. Your gud dogs are always so funny with their toys.

    I enjoyed seeing your photos of the cactus and desert flowers in bloom. Beautiful!

  7. I love the puppies and their friendship! ❤ Too cute!

    Those cactus (cacti?) are stunning.

  8. Looks like a tug of war over that toy.

  9. iwinston is a good supervisor up to a point. I have heard about what happens when it rains there, but don't often get to see pictures. The rescue dog is a real hero!

  10. Such adorable photos of Winston and Agatha! Winston was very patient waiting...waiting...but eventually, time to play :-)
    The last picture with gud dug and kitten is so wonderful! Have a happy weekend xo
    P.S. I bought the cushions in Japan. I want more but seems that they are discontinued. I gotta make myself!

  11. That is a very gud dog going back after that kitty! He should get steak for the rest of his life!

    Love the flowers. So pretty!

  12. Great photo sequence, especially love the last one with the two gud dogs fighting over the toy :)
    Lovely wildflowers, very pretty. And a great rescue dog as well.

  13. Oh, my how wonderful the desert looks now. It must be so inspiring to see it come to life every year. Good to see the gud ones having fun, as they always do!

  14. Aw, how adorable. The dogs, of course. And the meme dog too.

  15. Hi, Gayle!

    What an inspiring story about the pet dog racing back into the burning house to save his kitten kompanion. That's wonderful!

    Winston was mesmerized watching Aggie chewing on that car toy. Finally he could stand it no longer and pounced. :) Gayle, that cactus garden surrounded by wild flowers is beyond gorgeous. What a sight! I hope wildfires are kept to a minimum this year.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend Gayle!