Saturday, April 20, 2019

Square Dog Friday, Shakespeare on the Sofa.

We are late but a gud dug can't be held down.
Shakespeare in the Dog Park or Sofa
to be not to be thats' is no question give me a cookie and iwinston will be

is that a cooke i see before me iwinston

if music be the food of love give me a cookie

the wheel has come full cookies for me iwinston
tis one thing to be tempted so be givin' me cookie
 agatha wants to know why her is not being shakespear in ruff hahahahah funny that is a gud dug sound ruff ruff ruffruffruf

we are such stuff as dreams are made on so bring on the cookies

woe woe is me agatha to have seen this

 be not be fair i agatha gud shakrspeare 
 woe woe woe is me to have seen all this

iwinston playin'music

with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come with cookies

theagatha do protest to much methinks given her a cookie


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend
Prickly Pear bud, new pads and blooms.

Tissue thin petals growing on pads of stickers and thorns.

Beyond a roses beauty.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. The Bard doth think Winston and Agatha art most adorable.

  2. "This above all: to thine own gud dug self be true."

    "There is nothing either good dug or bad dug, but thinking makes it so. That why me don't do any thinkin'... just toy chewin' and roof water drinkin'."

    "Can one desire too much of a good thing... like chkikin'?"

    Hands down that is the cutest set of pet pictures I have ever seen, Gayle. I agree those blooms growing on the Prickly Pear pads are beyond a rose's beauty.

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

    Happy Easter to you and your wonderful animals, dear friend Gayle!

  3. What beautiful flowers those succulents have.
    And perfect Shakesperean actors both.

  4. Gorgeous flowers and gud dugs too! Happy Easter Gayle. X

  5. Winston can play Macbeth, seeing as he's a Scottie.

  6. Ah, Winston and Agatha thou art more lovely and more temperate than a summer's day! Beautiful flowers and such good photos of them!

    1. I hope you had a lovely weekend.
      I couldn't remember many quotes.

  7. Beautiful cactus flowers! Agatha looks proud of her ruff. Winston looks mortified.

    1. As long as "chkikin" is involved he really doesn't care.

  8. Love KInston in a ruff. Happy Easter to you all.

  9. Awww Shakespeare Winston made me squee! What a cutie pie! And Shakespeare Agatha, too! Prickly pear flowers are so beautiful :-)
    Happy weekend xo

  10. Wow, cute dogs and blooming is sweet!

  11. All's well that ends well. Pass the cookies!

  12. Oh my I loveth the Shakespeare puppies!

  13. Such gorgeous flowers and dogs too!
    Hope you had a good Easter.

    All the best Jan