Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Favorite part of my home.

John over at "Going Gently" had a post about a favorite part of his home. A place where he sits and plans his day, future, practise his choir songs and enjoys a coffee.

He asked his readers to send a photo of their favorite part of their home.
So many were cosy, beautiful, warm. happy places so very "British" to me.  Overstuffed rooms filled with wood, rugs, fireplaces, comfy chairs lots of dogs and cats and a chicken ! A few sent in lovely porches or gardens all wonderful full of flowers and so very loved and fun and to look at.

I wanted to send in a photo of my studio where I am the happiest. Big window, lots of light and a
view outside where I can watch all the wild and crazy critters who wander past my side yard.
I can watch Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Javelinas, birds and various critters visit the ponds
and rest in the shade.
Thanks to "concast"and messed up computer I didn't get to send one or two maybe four ?
The light makes it hard for my camera phone to take any good photos.

My studio was even sorta clean as I was trying to get some work finished. I spend most of my day here with the gud dugs.

Work table looking towards my computer and big window that is my view to the ponds and 
wild animals. Agatha and iwinston sitting on a daybed so they can watch what I an doing
hoping for a treat !

The computer table with the window.

The gud dug window with Agatha  buffing at the bunnies running around.

Of course if there is any woofing to be done iwinston joins in.

 Here is the view I get to see everyday.

Of course here is the best view with the gud dugs from the kitchen.

Gud Dugs said the grass was just fine to walk on now.


Maybe to nap on.

. . . . . . . . .

Here is your pretty for the week of the Century Plant

Century/Agave plant in my front yard with lots of babies.

See you Friday
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    You have such beautiful surroundings, dear friend. You live in the middle of a desert paradise! I am happy to see Winston stretched out on the green grass and Agatha nestled on a comfy chair. Thanks for showing us the progress your beanstalk is making as it reaches toward the sky where the giant lives, and another century plant with babies. You indoor office is wonderful. Those huge windows offer breathtaking views. I would be very happy there.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Gayle!

  2. Lovely to look round your home Gayle and to see the gud dogs enjoying it too. Is your century plant ever going to stop growing and actually flower?

  3. John had one picture that seemed from a desert that I thought must have been yours. I was wrong and so sorry your lovely photos didn't make it through! These are unique and so different from anyone else's. Of course you would have such a wonderful cozy studio with your dear pals. Thanks for allowing them to keep others entertained, too!

  4. My favorite is of your work table with those gud dugs supervising. You have a lovely home and gorgeous yard. I too missed the deadline to get a photo over to John. Work ramped up for me and so I never got the chance to snap a pix and send it over. Ah well, he comes up with wonderful challenges for us so perhaps next time I'll beat the clock! X

  5. I like the expanse of your "corner", space being the ultimate luxury.

    Showing your "entry" here also gives a glimpse behind the actual visual, something I feel John missed out on by not revealing commentators' names and not publishing their brief explanation of their choice. Please do ignore the last sentence as I am famed (and ostracized) for being critical at times.

    As to your name "angry parsnip" - and in memory of a blogger who not only questioned your choice of blogging name and, in turn, whose name I dare not speak lest I be kicked: I like parsnips.And anger does, sometimes, come in useful. Though, on the whole, whenever I put parsnip into pot it appears pretty compliant.


  6. I was born in Arizona and sometimes I dream about what life might have been like if I had grown up there. It has such a stark beauty. I'm happy that you posted these photos.

  7. What a wonderful room. And what fantastic views too. What an amazing place to live - both house and landscape.

  8. A good studio space, and such adorable furry distractions!

  9. I enjoyed John's blog posts of "corners" and sent in a picture of my sewing/computer corner. I am so happy to see you posted your favorite place and I love it! It is a wonderful studio and so full of light and space. I especially love that you have a special doggy window! Your outdoor views are amazing and it is wonderful to see such an assortment of wildlife. Even though you have a fenced yard do you ever worry about the dogs going outside?

  10. I love your studio. I would be happy to work there instead of in my little corner, not that I'm complaining :)
    Love the gud dugs supervising you.

  11. What a beautiful home you have and the scenery is magnificent. I love all that light and, of course, the gud dogs.

  12. I've probably told you this dozens of times already, but your home is FABULOUS and I'm incredibly envious of it! The desert has its own special beauty, too and makes for some incredible views outside your windows. You are lucky!

  13. Yours is a lovely spot. I'm currently sitting in my own favorite: my place on the couch.

  14. I love looking at other people's studios! Mine would be my favourite place too.
    I also laughed at your description of the overstuffed British!!

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  16. I always love seeing the pictures of where you live, so different to anything we have here. Lovely to see your studio and the hounds as usual. If you have a moment, pop over to Alex's blog, he has some wonderful footage of baby badgers that I know you, with your love of them, will enjoy watching:https://appletonwildlifediary.wordpress.com/2019/04/30/first-sighting-of-2019-badger-cubs/

  17. Very nice house and surroundings.

  18. I always admire your home. It's so beautiful and the views are incredible! Great to see your favorite part of your home. Sounds like Winston and Agatha love spending time there, too :-)

  19. What a wonderful space to create in, or just sit and think :-)