Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday In Japan... Totoro

Japanese family are on a trip and Granddaughter,
got to visit one of my favorite places ever.
The Studio Ghibli Shop.
I should be there with her !
I want to be there with her !
I need to be there  with her !
It is TOTORO !
Plus one little cutie-pie

 Peeking out from Totoro.
Almost like the movie.
 Awwww she has made a friend and having a chat.
I so want to be there.

thehamish, on the left, his tests came out pretty good. His diabetes is holding pretty steady.
But he again hit the trifecta of massive ear infections.  He sees the eye doctor nest week. His left eye even with the lens surgery is looking somewhat wonky.
Dr. Watson is the one I am concerned about.
His breathing has become rough when sleeping.
The x-ray doesn't look that bad (?) lots of scaring from the Valley Fever
 and some possible bronchitis.
Watson and I both have Valley Fever. I was exposed as a teen 
and Watson about 5 years ago. 
Dogs recover from it with lots of meds (2years for Watson) but it takes a toll on the immune system as it did with me. There is no cure for humans.
Watson is going in for surgery on 1 April for another problem. I have put this surgery off for as long as I can but he needs to have it done. 
Two Doctors gave their OK so although I am upset over this, he has to have it done.
My stomach is tied in knots.

upset. . . parsnip
music. . . Walk On The Ocean,  Toad The Wet Sprocket


  1. 'There is no cure for humans.'

    Sorry, p. It's a mood of levity this morning but this made me smile. I don't mean to be at all glib about something as vital as your health and the health of the square dogs so please take my smile with all my love. Sending you curative comets and the Totoro roar. :) :)


    1. So many follow The Square Ones, That I had to post an update
      It is not meant to be a sad post I have lived with my health problems since I was teen. Lots of Valley Fever humans hahahahaha travel the road of Valley Fever, early Arthritis, Fibrromyaliga and then Lupus. It is just who I am. Auto Immune.
      I just mentioned it because both Watson and I have it in common. We are too cool !
      I think it amazing that dogs can be cured maybe humans next !

      But the Totoro and granddaughter are the best and by far the sweetest !

    2. The sentence read to me like 'humans' are a condition for which there is no cure. :)

      But in any event, I lift my heart in hope for both you and sweet Watson.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, Angryparsnip. Hope you all get healed up.

    PS: Why are you angryparsnip? Why the angry bit? As you don't seem angry.

    1. I was going to write about my name and maybe next Monday...
      The Square Ones will answer you nickname question on Friday.

  3. Oh...those lovely boys have me a quite worried. But yes, you and the Watson are too cool! I too have wondered about your blog name and can't wait for Friday to see the answer! BTW, that is such an adorable little girl you have there as a granddaughter!

    1. Friday will be the answer to the Square Ones nick names.
      Monday is my post so I will try to write about my name.
      I am worried about Watson but have no choice.

  4. Poor Watson - I hope things go well for him. Give him a special hug from me. I do hope my card for them arrives before he goes off for his operation.
    Please, what is valley fever, I have never heard of it.

    1. I have been excited to see the card... it has not come yet.
      I will write about Valley Fever soon.

  5. Poor Watson. I hope things work out. Your granddaughter's adorable.

    1. I am sure everything will be fine...I know worrying doesn't help but he has been a part of our lives for so long (15) and he is our last link to our Little Lady Black Scotty Kirby.

  6. They tear at our heart-stings Parsnip don't they? Everything is crossed. Granddaughter is adorable as ever. xxx

  7. Little Mia-chan is adorable! Nothing camera shy about her! :-)

    «Louis» is anxiously awaiting to read the story of "Angry Parsnip"...

    His heart goes out to you and The Square Ones ®. He really wishes he could do something helpful! (sigh)

  8. Has your Mummsy ever tried candle waxing your ears, Hamish and Dr. Watson? That's mine does to mine and Hair Ball's. It keeps infections away. I guess Hair Ball and I will have to do a 'how to' on it.

    Lots of licks,
    Sir Poops

  9. Here's hoping the best for Watson. Lovely granddaughter.

  10. Saying prayers for all three of you, Gayle.

    Your granddaughter is a cutie!