Monday, March 24, 2014

parley view parsnip... something new

Bright sunny blue sky, some high wispy white clouds, cool breezes
that have been perfumed by citrus trees, this morning is beautiful.
Sitting in my side yard for now is my newest addition.
A Pomegranate tree.
 Trying to decide where to plant it or if I want it in a pot.
It will be several years before the fruit sets but I don't care because it is such a beautiful tree and the deep green leaves and bright red blossoms will be a welcome addition to my garden.
When I was a small child one year my Mum and Father asked what kind of tree I wanted
to plant in the yard.  We had just moved again (we seemed to move a lot) and I said Pomegranate.  Strange choice from a child, I am sure, looking back now, that they  thought I would pick an Orange tree.
My Mum and I use to buy a pomegranate and share it when they appeared at the market.
They are very special to me, I always think of my Mum when I see one.

And here is your pretty to start the week.
The Two Little Black Square Dogs.
We are off to the vet today both have health problems 
that popped up again over the weekend. 
le sigh

red. . . parsnip
music. . . Come Take A Ride With Me,  Chuck Mangione


  1. Pretty tree and cute (always!) square dogs

  2. I hope the lads are okay.

    It's a very vibrant blossom.

  3. That pomegranate tree looks like it will be a splendid addition to le verger Chez Square Dog ® - speaking of whom «Louis» is concerned about the double-whammy you got over the weekend with sick Square Ones ®... Please give him an update...

  4. Oh my...poor square ones. Fingers crossed for those gud dugs.

  5. Hope the Square Ones feel better soon!

  6. How lovely that pomegranates evoke a sweet memory of your mother, p.

    Love to the square dogs.