Friday, April 12, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . . Javelinas !

Friday !
Best Day of the week for Two Little Square Black Dogs.
You know the drill, so lets woof it !
Woof !

Several people asked about The Square Ones vs The Javelinas
and how they interact.
Well there is lots of barking and gurrring with baring of teeth
and that is just on the Javelinas side of the fence......
Javelinas are wild animals, they were here first and I try to leave them alone.

The herd comes up the low dry creek bed, that can have some water when the monsoons come,  follow the west back of my small fenced in  back yard.
I keep most of my land wild for all the animals.


follow it around to what is left of my small citrus grove.
Where there is nap time, noshing, Nachos and Margaritas.

wait wait wait whats thats im' hearin'
your seein' javelinas were ima' lookin' not seein'

I have installed rattlesnake fencing, plus reinforced the gate.
The Square Ones on one side and the Javelina herd on the other side.
They have extremely sharp teeth and would rip The Boys apart in a second.

Just finished installing a stronger fencing on the small east side yard.
If you can remember this was where I had a small garden planted last year till the packrats
 destroyed it. More photos to come when everything gets moved back in.

The stronger fencing will keep out the packrats, Hawks, Coyetes, Javelinas, Mountain Lions and Bobcats who mosey through my land.
This way late at night The Boys can go outside at night and I don't have to stand and watch.

I just love them. They are my tribe.

Especially when the babies are born.

Little furry loafs of bread with four tiny feet. Two are hiding under their Mums


following what Mum does

Escape ! for about 12 inches they don't go far.

javelina. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,, Martha and The Vandellas
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  1. They're cute little babies, but it does make sense with the adult javelinas and other critters out there to install extra fencing for the safety of the dogs.

    1. I don't want The Boys to become Hors d'oeuvres !
      They might taste like chicken because of all the chkikin' strips they eat

  2. whoa, that's a lot of wildlife! glad you have the fencing!

    yert to the square boys on their special day of the week!

    smiles, bee

    1. On any day when I look out my windows I never know what is out there.
      When I first moved in, the house was empty for a year and thing move in right away.... I use to have a Bobcat that napped here all the time. He just walks by now The Boys are too noisy for napping enjoyment.

  3. Scotties love gate siting do they not?

    1. I was taking a photo so they had to see what was going on.... Watson sits on that side of the yard and just enjoys the view all the time.

  4. I think they're cute! Not as cute as the Boys, of course...but cute!

  5. Mme la Vache was looking on when «Louis» opened your blog. She really liked the photos of the javelinas and she particularly
    liked the birds in the post below. Both «Louis» et Mme la Vache send their regards to the Square Black Ones®, and, of course, to you as well!

  6. How great to have that secure fencing so that you can watch wildlife and your doggies stay safe. I agree the javelinas and their babies are totally cute and loveable!

  7. The cuteness of the little animals!

  8. I love that the javelinas are your 'tribe.' Those images of the mountain range in some of the photos are inspiring. I really like them.

  9. How incredible to have such an amazing selection of wild life absolutely on your doorstep Parsnip - lucky you - and lucky square ones to have a mum who protects them so well and yet allows them to see what is going on.
    Two postcards are on their way to you. Hope you enjoy them.

  10. Thanks for sharing the adorable baby javelinas! Too cute!

  11. Wonderful photos. I never tire of those mountains and the wild life - as long as the fencing is there:)
    It really is a special place to live.

  12. All kinds of entertainment around your place!