Monday, April 8, 2013

parley view parsnip. . . postcards !

Postcards !
If you have read this blog long enough you will know my love of paper !
I have worked for several greeting card company and have freelanced for many years.
I love greeting cards, stationary, calendars and postcards !

I just put some of my postcards up on the wall that if you take a left at leads to my studio.
So I see them everyday.

I just started pinning them up

Love the jackalope on top ! bottom row 4th from the left how to make
Hiroshima no Okonomiyaki. Then there is a pig running down a road.

Daughter said that just for me, lucky lucky me,
Japanese son had to drink all that Sake just so he could send me the fabulous labels !
what a great son !
yert !

awwwww Panda walking a Scottie next to a Japanese Trolley
from Osaka that runs in Tucson.

Hedgehog looking at a cactus next to some Japanese Cherry blossems.
And a steer standing on a sign outside a market in Japan.

Third card from the left bottom is Carhenge based on Stonehenge.

First postcard from granddaughter.

So here the deal...
Send me a postcard and I will send you one back.
The ones you find at the market for tourists to the ones you make yourself.
I love them all !

Glue a photo on to some cardstock, or an old back of a card.
A label from wine/beer/ any food wrapper or a poem you wrote,
a ticket from a show/baseball game just anything will do.
And best of all buy or make a second one and surprise a friend or family.
If this sounds like fun, I mean how lovely to hold real mail in your hand instead of bills and junk mail.
Just go to my blogger profile and e-mail me I will send you my address
This could be fun !
yert !

postcard. . . parsnip
music. . . Heinrich Maneuver,  Interpol

update... sorry about the blurry photos...  they looked better last night.

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  1. I can not access your e-mail address as I have an older version of the software...but my e-mail address is denisebydesigns at googlemail dot com

    My favourite shop as a child was WH Smiths I too LOVE stationery and special papers...I LOVED new exercise books when I was teaching!

  2. OOooo - I'll get onto that and mail you. Lovely display by the way!

  3. Really lovely collection, my favorite is the one from your granddaughter!

  4. Oh, I'm with Laoch -- great-looking wall! I loved this post, p.

  5. And of course my eyes had to fall on the panda walking the dog first of the lot!

  6. I have a postcard collection and have often wondered how to display them. I like the written side as much or more than the photo side. Hugs to the pups.!

  7. hee hee...
    Carhenge - that reminds «Louis» of the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, TX, where «Louis» once lived...

  8. I would love to join in this Parsnip but I just can't see how to get on to your blogger profile in order to send you an e mail.

  9. Postcards - your wall looks very nice, sharp or fuzzy