Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday in Tucson...

Hello from the Valley in The Sun !

swimming. . . parsnip
music. . . The Heart Of  Rock and Roll,  Huey Lewis and The News
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  1. Fun in the summer sun ...

    I had a PE teacher who adored Huey Lewis. Can't listen to him without thinking of Jumping Jack Squares.

  2. Feeling blue .... just play Huey Lewis or an old favorite Jack Mack and The Heart Attacks !
    Just crank the volume up and see if you can make your windows dance !

  3. That's looking like some awesome weather. We're mostly sunny for Sunday and Monday (it's a three day weekend here in Japan, yay!) with a high around 74. Added bonus! It's not humid yet!

  4. Sounds like swimming weather. It was gorgeous the last day I spent in Tucson. We splashed in the pool for quite some time. Sorry to leave your special spot.

  5. How I would love to have a swim in that pool and lie out in that temperature. 10 degrees and a chilly wind here. And this is supposed to be spring.

  6. The pool looks refreshing.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. Your two cards arrived this morning - those lovely desert flowers
    and that interesting view of where you live. We have been to Arizona
    several times but never actually to Tucson - so we found the view
    really interesting. Thank you so much - Communication is a wonderful