Friday, April 5, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Oh My Goodness !

Best day of the week for Two Little Square Dog !
So break out the chkikin' strips and lets woof it !

Here is the pin-up for April.
It is a photo I have used often but I think it fits so perfect for April.

 Yesh igots my first me only month thats so gud
the count is 2 months with gud old dug Watson and me. 1 of gud old dug Watson and  1 of me
and yesh im' counting
chkikin'chkikin'chickikin' strips is so gud

Where two Square Duggie spent lots of time lately.
Watson is still on his hunger strike and Hamish's ACL injury is on hold (healing ?) till
the 27th when more x-rays will be taken.

Where Watson spend most of his day 

when he is not napping in the sun on a soft blanket.

i thehamish is sitting outside next to mums studio just sittin' an enjoyin' the sniffs
and dreaming of chkikin' strips


Update on Waldie
Here he is the day after his operation.

On his way home from Phoenix back to his home in Tucson.

Waldie is recovering nicely. So much better than his first spinal operation.
I went to see him on Tuesday and Daughter was exercising his legs.
There is one where you tickle the bottom of his feet, he was kicking her back
that is a good sign !

chkikin'. . . parsnip
music. . . An End Has A Start,  Editors

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  1. Oh, sweet baby. Sending my best wishes for lots of napping in the sun.

  2. Best wishes to Waldie. Lovely photos of the square ones!

  3. i KNOW! when i turned the page to april i went THE HAMISH! yert! i don't look ahead so i can have a surprise each month!

    hugs, bee

  4. Poor Waldie....

    Napping in the sun is always a pleasure...

  5. Poor babies--all three of them! Sending lots of love!

  6. Yeah for Waldie. I'm happy everything seems to be going well....Nice sunny day for the gud dogs!

  7. Hoping that the nice canines have a soothing week.

  8. Not nicr when our babies are ill......I wonder what they make of us?

  9. Yoiu have had such a tough time with all these poorly doggies -
    now they do at last seem to be on the mend. Long may it continue.

  10. I wonder if the boys would have liked the lemon and garlic chicken I did yesterday. The grown ups surely did:)