Friday, April 19, 2013

Square Dog Friday.... gud dugs behind bars !

It is Friday !
Best day of the week if your a Little Black Square Dog !
You know the drill so lets hit it.
Much going on in my life right now and I have missed a few post the last several weeks
Not the Friday Square Dog post !
It is in their contract, page 162, paragraph 3 addendum 5, it states

"at no time will the Square Dog Friday not be posted. If said post is not published on the correct Friday heavy finds can and will be imposed on the person called mum nice person who feeds us whos name will be mud if she doesn't blog our Friday post.
Fines will be levied in the said amount of double chkikin strips per gud dug "
page 1 sub paragraph 2 alottment of chkikin' strips

So upon pain of fines being levied here is their Friday post !


                                                    thehamish speaks today
sometime im' naughty and have a quiet time in my house this is my safe place and igets to be here all by myself even mum cant' be here or gets me it is my safe gud place
sometimes it is such a happy place that cookies from the sky drop down to me it is gud.

                                          sometimes i gets here cause im'just naugty
sometimes my name has lots of naughtys in it then im' knowin' to run fast to safehome.

 watson is never naughty buts he gettin' sick lots so hes' not in jail but sometime just nappin' to feels gud.

         this is when watson needed to be quiet im' confused im' is usually behind bars

 this is watsons bunny feet escapein' under table the for cooffee not knowin' what that means but gud place to escape to we gots toy basket there too

           sometimes safe homes can be quiet places to gets better here be truffles and waldie

                          here is waldie in the car comin' home from his operation

                                 waldies mum sayin' this is "the princess and the pea"
                                               im' not knowin' what that means

                      im' likin' this photo of waldie with his lip caught on his toothfer
                                                   he gots funny lookin' face 

                       truffle coming home to live with nice tall person who plays with us
                                                         truffles is very lucky
                                             she may be comin' to livin' with us

                               sometimes the house place is just gud place to sleep

                                                             and feel better

                          now mum nice tall person who feeds us gets to talk now
she is so gud mum she said we get extra chkikin' today cause we are her honeybunnys
                   not understandin'  what that is but we musta doin' somethin gud
                                                                    yert !

                                          Here is your pretty to start the weekend

Wonderful blog friend Joanna is visiting a friend in Tucson for a few weeks and they      both stopped in for an afternoon visit and brought these beautiful Tulips.
            Stop by her fabulous blog based in Victoria B.C. her photos are spectacular.
                                                Such beautiful Spring flowers

 spring. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha and the Vandellas


  1. i LOVE fridays at your house! yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. hahahahaha... everyday is really Square Dog Friday at our home.

  2. Sometimes sleep is a very good thing! Lots of doggie goodness today...

    I'll have a look at Joanna's page...

    1. Joanna lives in the most beautiful area. But I am sure you know that already.

  3. When scotties are poorly don't they look poorly?

    1. Better than any dog breed I know.
      They have master the BooBoo face.

  4. I hope your weekend will be filled with fine things.

    1. I am looking forward to this weekend, playing catch up with some cards I need to finish.

  5. «Louis» hopes the Square Ones® get better - and soon!
    He also hopes things are going smoother for you...

    1. We are alive.....
      (said in my best Gene Wilder in "Frankenstein" voice)
      Hope your ankle is doing better today !

  6. Glad Waldie's smilin' and those bunny feet. Oh my!

    1. Watson like to lay down like that... we call them bunny feet because our bunnies use to lay just like that.

  7. Gud post. I love 'Dancin' in the Streets.' Especially by Martha and the Vandellas. Have a beautiful weekend, my unique parsnip.

    1. Watch out... using thehamish's word Gud. It is very addictive I catch myself spelling it like that in letters and notes.

  8. Awe.... they are sweetie even when naughty. So are Sir Poops and Hair Ball.

    1. Yes, he is and I really love the word naughty... and I get to use it a lot around thehamish.

  9. I love the way that square one has got his legs stretched out backwards - Tess does the same - it really looks uncomfortable and yet it seems to be her favourite relaxing position.

  10. I'm so happy to see you don't miss Square Dog Fridays! Looks like the pooches have taken over! They're cute even from the rear view!

  11. Those bunny paws are so adorable! I sure enjoyed meeting your square ones the other day, Parsnip. They are such characters! It was fun visiting with them and you and your daughter. Hope your dogs are feeling better soon. By the way, that Waldie photo with one eye looking up is so cute. Heading back on Tuesday to the cool and the gray.

  12. What Hamish naughty?
    I don't believe it:)