Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... Zodiac

I just finished a project of built-in shelves for some of the
Twelve Japanese Zodiac Symbols, I have been collecting.
I am still working on which ones to display
and which way they will look best.

First try...

The light is wonderful but I took this photo too late at night.

On my first trip to Japan many years ago at Christmas, the New Year was Monkey.
I saw these paper mache figures, I had to buy them and I was hooked !

Yellow Tiger and Rabbit are paper mache
but the tiny roaring tiger is a clay bell for hanging
that I found at The Japanese Cultural Museum in LA.

love his little face, roar !
so kawaii !

My animal symbol is a boar,
holding a lucky charm arrow symbol for hitting a bulls-eye for things going as planned
Since I was a little child growing up in Arizona, I have always loved the Javelina
that populate this area.
Javelinas are not really boars but... for me close.

stuffed chubby happy Boar

kawaii boar...

very charming Dragon and
another Boar from material...

bobble head Rabbit


tiny Dog

a very happy Sakura Dog.

On a cabinet in the kitchen

I display the symbol for the year, this year it was a Dragon.
I still need Snake, Horse, Sheep and Roster.
Thanks to my Japanese Son and DIL they keep sending me these
every year.
I am so lucky !
Thank You !

boar. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
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  1. Those are magnificent shelves. Perfect background for special treasures.

    1. I think they came out pretty nice.
      Someday I have to take photos in the daylight.

  2. My animal symbol is a snake. YIKES! Love your displays.


    1. I think (?) next year is Snake (hebi) People born in this year possess tremendous wisdom and are determined. So it is good to be a snake.

  3. These are so pretty Parsnip and are surely bound to bring you and those
    little square two good fortune.

    1. I really do enjoy them. It is a rather small shelve so I think I will have to rotate them... or just put out my favorite one and have the rest in another place.

  4. very nice indeed!!!


    smiles, bee

  5. Oh you're missing my rooster!
    Is it pouring over there? It is here!

  6. I am a dragon baby which I was always pleased with until I heard the song, "Puff the Magic Dragon," ...

  7. Shelly--you're a snake? I'm a snake, too!

    Gayle, you do the most beautiful stuff....